Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Classic ’80s LCD Platformers As Mini-Games

Kingdom Hearts 3 Has Classic ’80s LCD Platformers As Mini-Games

If you never got a chance to play those classic LCD platformers from the ’80s, don’t worry – because you can play them as a mini-game inside Kingdom Hearts 3.

The trailer doesn’t go into detail as to where and how you’ll be able to play these ’80s LCD games, but you do get to see at least four different games: Musical Farmer, Giantland, Barnyard Battle and The Karnival Kid.

Each of them is slightly different, and probably not something you’ll play for hours, but it’s pretty cool that they’re there at all.

Did anyone have one of these LCD games as a kid, or remember playing them? Which ones did you have?


  • I had some game & watch games when I was young. Mickey Mouse (egg), Octopus, Popeye. A friend had Snoopy Tennis and Donkey Kong (we were all jealous of Donkey Kong as it had TWO screens).

    I don’t any of the ones in the trailer are actually released LCD games though, I think they are just made for KH3.

    • I had a couple of the games shown, or at least very close approximations of the lever/girder game and the one with the Sora hitting enemies with a hammer.
      I can’t for the life of me remember if they were based on any licensed IP’s or one of the countless rip offs during the eighties and nineties, but they do seem to resemble a few of the Game & Watch titles that were released that had the simple Mr Game & Watch character (like the food/cooking one)

      We were too poor to get the Ninty ones so I got some real awful alternatives back then lol

  • Oh man watch as you need to complete all of these to get the secret ending because that is peak Kingdom Hearts.

    • That is the first thing that I thought of :p

      $10 on you needing to beat a certain score on each one of these for the 100% ending.

  • I love that they added these – serious hit in the nostalgia!

    I didn’t have these, but my aunt and uncle did, and I played many of them. My favourite was Popeye.

  • I had

    Wide Screen
    Fire (got a score of 998 one car trip)
    Donkey Kong Jr (also had a Panorama Screen of this color LED projected onto a mirror and different layout to the wide screen)
    Mario’s Cement Factory
    Super Mario Bros
    Climber (also had the Crystal Screen version – awesome fun game)
    Balloon Fight (like the last two this was a scrolling game – incredible)

    Multi Screen Games
    Donkey Kong
    Goldcliff (awesome game from 88)
    Life Boat (Wide)
    Zelda (Brilliant game honestly the peak of this format)

    Vs System

    Tiger Electronics
    Ninja Gaiden


    I also had an LED Puck Monster which was a very well done Pac Man rip off

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