Konami Is Making A New Castlevania Game For iOS

It's called Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls and going into closed beta in Japan. No word yet on a release date or if the action game will get an international release.

Image: Konami

The game is set in a world in which Dracula seems to have been completely erased and peace has descended until... someone decides to resurrect the Count.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls' co-op play supports up to four players. Below are screenshots from the game's official site.

Image: Konami

Image: Konami

Image: Konami

Image: Konami


    What is a Konami iOS game? A miserable little pile of microtransactions.

      That's most mobile games isn't it?
      Hell even Nintendo do it.

    Careful, it has Grimoire in the name, Cleve Blakemore will sue you.

    Just kidding, he can't even finish writing a manual for his garbage game, let alone a court submission.

    It's going to be a pachinko game isn't it?

      Can I ask your feelings on Woolworths or any of their subsidiaries?

        Endless cynicism.

          I only ask because every one seems to hate konami for pachinko machines, meanwhile Woolworths Ltd, Australia's largest pokie machine owner seems to get off.

            That's because Woolworths doesn't make game series everyone loves and then turn them into Pokies.

    Man, wish they would make a new Harmony of Despair, or port it. I sorta got those vibes from these images but not as good probably. Also I don't have any Apple devices.

    Hahaha no.

    What is going on in that second screenshot? First there's a skeleton then... there's a handsome man? Is there a trick like this that makes beautiful ladies? I am, er, doing research... For a friend. Who isn't me.

    Konami needs to go back to having the Castlevania games in proper 2D, with the 2D sprites etc (ala Castlevania SOTN).

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