Kotaku XP: Spider-Man, Spyro And Some Much-Needed Patches

We have an Overwatch League faux pas, a big week for Insomniac fans, some posture advice, the next footnote in the history of the war against loot boxes, and even more on Kotaku XP, our weekly video roundup of what the heck is going on with games and the people who play them.

This week, Sony released me from the mind-prison in which I have languished in agony since E3 2016: They announced that Spider-Man is releasing for PlayStation 4 on September 7.

If you click "play" on that video up there, you'll get to see my vintage (1994) Bill Elliott NASCAR shirt. Bill Elliott set qualifying lap records at both Talladega and Daytona in 1987. Those records hold even today. That's pretty cool! Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, during his racing days, Bill Elliott was 185cm tall, and 185 pounds (84kg) heavy. That's exactly one pound per centimetre! This is the sort of thing I find interesting.

Here are the stories we discuss this week!

Well, This Was A Pretty Ridiculous Far Cry 5 Bug

As fun as Far Cry 5 can be, it's definitely got its share of bugs. There are looping lines of dialogue, inconsistent enemy behaviour, physics glitches, and a few bugs that straight-up break the game. I ran into a funny one of those a few nights ago.

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Chrono Trigger PC Will Get Patched To Add The Original Graphics

In February, publisher Square Enix surprised everyone with the release of Chrono Trigger on PC, leading to a roller coaster of emotions as fans first grew elated to have new access to a classic game, then disappointed when they saw what it looked like. Now, the publisher says it's hoping to change that.

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Overwatch League Player Gets Three-Game Suspension And 'Streaming Privileges Revoked' For Racist Gesture

The Overwatch League's leaked code of conduct gives Blizzard and the OWL an incredible amount of control over players, including anything that happens on their own streams, so part of the latest punishment for a heated gaming moment comes as no surprise. After the Philadelphia Fusion's Josh 'Eqo' Corona made a slant-eye gesture and said 'I am Korean' on a recent stream, the team announced his punishment today.

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After Ten Years, SpyParty Will Finally Be On Steam Next Week

It’s been nearly a decade since designer Chris Hecker announced the subterfuge multiplayer game SpyParty, and it’s been even longer since he first started working on it. In just a week, short of a meteor strike or other cataclysm, SpyParty will finally hit Steam.

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PUBG's New Map Is The Most Fun I've Had Since Launch

This week, a limited amount of players can test the latest map in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, codenamed 'Savage'. This map is significantly smaller than the game's other two maps. The resulting action provides a breath of fresh air, kicking Battlegrounds' usually deliberate pacing into something much more frantic.

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An Overwatch Battle Royale Mode Would Be Tricky To Make, Jeff Kaplan Says

Unless you haven't looked out the window or spoken to Drake recently, you're probably aware that battle royale mania is sweeping the nation. Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, certainly is. He's seen the requests for a battle royale mode in his own game, and he'd love to make it happen. It is, however, a taller order than you might expect.

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Amazon Leaks Spyro Remastered Trilogy, Due Out September 21

A remastered Spyro trilogy is coming this September, we now know thanks to an early Amazon leak. It's called Spyro. Reignited Trilogy, and publisher Activision will surely give it a proper announcement soon.

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How To Play Video Games Without Messing Up Your Body

It's obvious that parking your butt on the couch for several hours straight playing a game isn't good for you, but sometimes it's hard to resist. Here's how to do it without messing up your body.

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Spider-Man PS4 Comes Out September 7

Spider-Man will be out September 7, developer Insomniac Games said today. Prepare to swing webs and so on.

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