Let's Enjoy Some Incredibly Cheerful Menu Music For A Bit

Menu screens are gateways. They're what you go through to get to the thing you want. As a result, there's very few times where I'll deliberately sit on a menu screen.

That said, Swords of Ditto is a good deal cuter than most video games. Billed as a compact solo/co-op RPG, the entire game is basically charm overload: the enemies are cute, everyone has giant, loveable eyes, the art style is adorable, and even the final boss seems like she'd give an A+ hug.

That flows through to the music as well, which features a kazoo. It's not the biggest thing in the world, but I also can't remember the last time I actually stopped on a menu screen just to enjoy the music. So here's a small cut of that. The kazoo drops around 50 seconds, if you're hanging out for that.

Swords of Ditto doesn't officially launch until later this week. And while playing the game isn't quite as cute as the kazoo drop, it did put a smile on my face late on a Sunday night, which is something at least.


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