Let’s Just Appreciate God Of War’s Snow For A Second

Let’s Just Appreciate God Of War’s Snow For A Second

God of War‘s combat is exciting, but it’s the little things that really leave an impression. A snow-covered walkway is making people freak out thanks to some crunchy sounds and dusty footprints.

Kratos wants to do one thing in God of War: Get to the top of the highest mountain and scatter the ashes of his recently deceased partner.

After a journey that takes him and his son Atreus through distant realms and monster-filled mines, they reach the summit of the mountain. Thick snow coats the ground and it’s gorgeous. Each step leaves a mark, and trudging through the snow creates realistic looking deformations and prints. Bashing enemies or throwing your axe into it kicks up fluffy puffs.

Video: shimec via YouTube

I mean, look at that. I could chuck my axe into the snow all day but then Kratos and his son will never complete their presumably emotional journey. I can practically hear Kratos’ voice in my ear: “Boy! There is no time for frivolity! Be wary of catching snuffles!” I’m not the only one in love with the snow. Social media users are spending a lot of time marveling at it too.

Seriously, it’s really great snow.


  • I had the same feeling when i first played AC origins and saw how sand in the desert reacted to you when you walked through it. Sometimes its just the small things in video games.

  • Eh, this doesn’t seem like it’s that much different to things we’ve seen in other games recently. That background really sells the scene though.

  • It looks cool, and yeah I love it, but to be honest I remember seeing this in Uncharted 3 on ps3. It might nit have been quite as nice as this but it was the same thing.

  • Rise of The Tomb Raider had a scene that looks extremely similar. It also did the snow deformation across the entire open world and had the snow getting blown around by the wind stuff too. Looked just as good.

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