Magic’s Early Story Explained By R&D

Magic’s Early Story Explained By R&D
Image: Wizards of the Coast

The latest Magic: the Gathering set, Dominaria, takes place on the plane of Dominaria which was the home of Magic’s story for many years. New players have a lot to catch up on, so some people from Magic’s Research and Development department have kindly tried to recount everything that took place on Dominaria.

There are hokey special effects and fake beards aplenty as all good recounts should have.

This weekend is Dominaria’s pre-release weekend. That means hundreds of game stores around the globe are hosting new player friendly tournaments. The slight problem here is that Dominaria is a very nostalgia heavy set that references events and characters from Magic’s past. Events and characters that new players may know little to nothing about.

Thankfully the R&D department has put together this handy video re-enacting the events that start off with the Brother’s War and cover up to the invention of the legacy weapon. All things that were super important to Magic’s plot over the years.

Of course, R&D are not the people that write the lore. They just make the cards. So their retelling of major events may not be entirely precise. Don’t worry, it’s accurate enough to get the point.

My own recollection of all of the major plot points from when I played Magic back then is simply “something something and then Urza blew everything up.” Judging by this video, I wasn’t too far off the mark.

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