Man Breaks Into GameStop Wearing Plastic Bag On His Head

A man broke into a GameStop in St. Marys, Georgia last week, having decided that the best way to disguise his features would be to try and cover his face in what's left of the plastic bag that packs of water bottles come in.

The break-in occurred in the early hours of April 13. Footage captured from the incident has been uploaded by St. Mary's Police, and show the man...looking like a low-rent Mr. Freeze cosplayer.

St. Marys Police tell Kotaku the suspect gained entry to the story by kicking out the bottom glass panel of the front door, but have not disclosed what - if anything - was taken.

They're appealing for help from locals identifying the suspect.


    I know! I will wear a disguise that will absolutely guarantee the footage will turn up on international news haha

    The idea is sound, the execution not so much. Using the different angles of wrinkled plastic as a primitive stealth technology (in that it has irregular reflective surfaces) would make it difficult to see the features of his face but only if it was actually covering his face...

    I have never seen a man so perfectly camouflaged.

    Ha! This better show up at the next major cosplay convention.

    "Video games? Where are the Twinkies?!?"

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