Mansions Of Madness Is Being Turned Into A Video Game

Fantasy Flight's excellent Arkham board game Mansions of Madness is getting the video game treatment, and interestingly, it isn't a direct adaptation. Instead it's a more hands-on take, maintaining the same basic premise while making everything more video gamey.

While you'll still be taking a team of investigators inside a very haunted house, the video game is singleplayer, with just one person put in control of all the characters.

The game's full name is Mansions of Madness: Mother's Embrace, and it will be out on PC in 2019. It's being published by Asmodee Digital, and the developers are Luckyhammers, the same team who are bringing Terraforming Mars to Steam.


    Never heard of it but it looks great!
    Is this akin to Maniac Mansion?

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