Morrowind, Bioware & Star Wars Classics Coming To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft has just announced a new batch of original Xbox games coming to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature, and there are some damn good ones on offer, including KOTOR, Morrowind, Jade Empire and the original Star Wars: Battlefront games.

Here's the full list of original Xbox games on the way:

Hey, if you've never played Mercenaries or Full Spectrum Warrior, you probably should.

All these games are coming in April. And if you already own them on disc, you can just pop it into the Xbox One and go from there.


    KOTOR2 getting some love, this is amazing!

    Bloody KOTOR. I've bought that damn thing twice (PC and Android) and still haven't played it on either.

    One day...

    Oooh I'd completely forgot about Mercenaries. I loved that on PS2.

      Mercs was an awesome game and made by an Aussie outfit too!!
      A GTA game in a demilitarised zone, how could you not love it.

      I've been itching to play it again, I lost my original copy.

        Pity they botched the sequel...

          Did they ever..

          It's a shame really, they managed to impress Lucas Arts with their work in battlefront and score some backing for Mercs, which did really well in reviews but didn't really break through in sales.

          I still recall being at a friends house and noticed the brother playing something that looked pretty cool as he called in an APC supply drop.
          When I asked what he was playing he showed me the case which I had seen before but completely passed over due to it not looking or sounding all that great, ended up being an absolute gem of a game.

    Oh good, KOTOR II is there so Pat and Woolie have no excuse not to LP it once they're done with KOTOR I.

    Ooh Morrowind! I've only ever played Skyrim out of the Elder Scrolls series, so I'm curious to check it out.

      IMO, You are much better off playing the game on PC. The game is much more patched on PC and you can download community made patches which fix the game even more. Plus you can install mods.

        I am terrible at using a keyboard and mouse for gaming, and the PC version of Morrowind doesn't have controller support.

          Well if thats a sticking point for you then go with the console version.

          Just warning you though its not a polished experience. :)

    Will the servers for online modes work for Battlefront 1 and 2?

      Anyone know? Ive still got my orginal Star Wars Battlefront.

    Really impressed with Microsoft's efforts for backwards compatibility.

    Anyone miss that we are getting the best version of Conkers :P.


    That is the only reason I have ever seen to make me think twice about getting an Xbox...

    How does Battlefront II hold up? Thx :-)

      Pretty good for some simple fun.

      Plus it’s four players on the one console, an absolute rarity these days.

    Some very good games here, I wouldn’t mind playing SSX 3 again. Although SSX On Tour has the better soundtrack.

    I'm actually genuinely excited to get into this game again. found the old disc so I'm ready to go!

    Will I be able to play right at midnight or will I have to wait until later that day?

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