NBA Playgrounds 2 Appears Thanks To Australia's Classification Board

Image: Kotaku

In the early days of the Switch's life, there were hopes that NBA Playgrounds might be the console's equivalent of NBA Jam. That ended up not being the case, but maybe the sequel will live up to the original promise.

Saber Interactive's spin on virtual hoops has appeared on the Classification Board's website in the last 24 hours, almost a year after the original was released.

No information has been publicly released about the game, and the game isn't listed on Saber's official website. It's also not listed in the PEGI European game rating database as of yet.

The original NBA Playgrounds was a neat idea that was, at launch, marred by load times, a painful delay when inbounding the ball and a distinct lack of sharpness, particularly in handheld mode. The developers continued patching and released an enhanced edition, which was made available to players as a completely separate download through the eShop.

NBA Playgrounds launched on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC last year. Australia's Classification Board doesn't offer clarity around what platforms they're rating games on, although it would be likely that NBA Playgrounds 2 would be released on all four platforms once more.


    I still enjoy playing the first one. Didn’t get a great rep but it’s fun for what it is. The main downfall is the AI is pretty easy. But great with mates

      It's a lot better than it used to be, although I wish the perspective was titled upward a little. Even post-patch rebounding felt more fiddly than it should have been.

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