Never Forget Vice Admiral Holdo

Never Forget Vice Admiral Holdo

Paying homage to the series’ Vanity Fair covers, this shoot by Miramay and photographer Alexandra Lee is an absolutely stunning example of Star Wars cosplay.

Cosplay by Miramay. Photo: Alexandra Lee Studios

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Miramay made the entire outfit herself, while Alexandra took the shots at Katsucon earlier this year.

Cosplay by Miramay Photo: Alexandra Lee Studios

Cosplay by Miramay Photo: Alexandra Lee Studios


  • Never forget the shallow, one-movie bigged-up out-of-nowhere war-hero plan-hiding Vice Admiral who ultimately dies in a visually interesting sequence that is actually illogical and kind of really dicks the franchise at large.

    • Never forget the never-ending outrage of middle class white boys who are outraged that a WOMAN in a position of authority didn’t share secret plans with her male subordinates ignoring the suspicion that there was a spy on board and instead blabbing everything because men DESERVE to know everything and who have no understanding of basic tactics or the mechanics of the Star Wars universe despite plenty of easily available explanation but post the same entitled whinge every time this comes up regarding a movie aimed at children but they think they ‘own’.

  • Holdo is up there with Jar Jar Binks as an good example of when the franchise is being crapped on. Nobody is forgetting her and how she bravely 9/11ed the empire.

    If you want real aggravation, have a browse of her Wookiepedia.

      • when a droid could’ve be asked to do the same thing and kept a memory backup… it’s not bad but, it’s not very smart and is totaly avoidable. it also brings up a question of why small ship with a hyperdrive and ai weren’t used to rip apart star destroyers. I get cost is one thing and it wouldn’t work on the death star but, blowing up vaders flagship with one tiny ship would be worth it.

      • The problem I have with her as a character is she seems designed solely for the purpose of sacrificing herself. There is very little we actually learn about her in the film and we didn’t have any real connections with her character.

        The moment, while being a great spectacle, loses its impact when the character hasn’t really done all that much in the story. We meet her, and she’d gone within the space of an hour, with less than 10 minutes of screen time.

        It just feels like we’re all supposed to like that she killed herself, even though the reason she had to do this is because she didn’t communicate to a main character.

        • Exactly. If it was Ackbar or someone it would’ve been a better send-off and made more sense, although suicide ships still don’t make a lot of sense.

          But instead it was a new character with no real background (at least none contained in the movie) who existed purely to make Poe look bad and blow up a ship in a #sacrifice moment.

    • A thinly veiled racist stereotype who does nothing but slapstick “comic relief” and does utterly moronic shit in order to contrive yet another crisis for the protagonists to just barely survive is not the same as a character that could’ve done with another pass by the writing team.

    • Bit unfair to dismiss it as “fanboy butthurt”. But sure, keep lifting those internet standards.

      Shit writing, casting, and directing deserves to be called out – TLJ was a great movie for brainless entertainment along the lines of Fast and Furious or The Hangover. The people who did all the Cgi etc are amazing. But god damn whoever wrote the script and the plot deserves to win a Golden Raspberry. It’s bad fanfic at best and I’m not sure how what we’ve seen so far can actually be called a trilogy.

      • Oh, completely agree there’s shit writing to be called out, because there was some truly amazingly dumb plot points to criticise the film for, but Holdo was utterly benign in relation to the other plot elements. For example:

        -You have an imperial fleet incapable of running down a slow moving rebel convoy. They didn’t have that problem 40 years ago.

        -The Imperials also lack the ability to communicate with their forces to jump ahead of the convoy to have them ‘head them off at the pass’, as it were or make the Rebels alter course.

        -An imperial fleet of capital ships that have nominal fighter/bomber wings that (collectively) should number in the thousands, but are nowhere to be found– and as a side note, I don’t buy for a second that the Rebels culled the majority of Imperial TIE force in a Battle of Britain-esque furball before the beginning of the movie given how wasteful Poe’s attack is during the opening fight. Plus I’m pretty positive you see fighters sitting in the Imperial docking bays towards the end of the film.

        -Rebel bombers using gravity fed free-fall bombs to destroy an Imperial star destroyer in space where there is no gravitational pull to pull the bombs down onto the ISD. Were they high when they wrote that?? I mean, torpedos?!

        -That the Imperials had no means of projecting offensive force in any fashion at the convoy once their fighters went on their union mandated 7 day smoko break. TIEs alone could have disabled them.

        Or later in the film, the First Order ground forces taking on a smattering of ancient speeders and NOT managing to swat them away entirely? Try taking on modern armour or IFVs in WWI-era motorbikes and sidecars. See how long you last.

        …and this is not even touching on the entire casino sub-plot, or the Jedi story, or that apparently when the Rebels won the first time around, the declared victory and went home early and did nothing about hunting down the remaining Imperials who returned en masse. I mean there are any number of reasons why this film should have been over in 5 minutes with a resounding Imperial victory based on the way the opening was written. Even someone with a passing understanding of Star Wars could have pointed it out

        But no, young Dame Edna’s the problem.

    • It’s weird how people don’t like the side character who was designed to be a foil to the more popular character returning from the previous film.

  • I have a long list of issues with TLJ but this character isn’t one of them. She was alright in the book and served her purpose in the movie fairly well, certainly better most of the main cast.

  • I enjoyed The Last Jedi, this is a good cosplay, but honestly I wasn’t a fan of the Vice Admiral either.

    The character makes some sense… for example, Poe Dameron (who had recently been demoted from commander to captain, due to his actions which General Leia Organa deemed as reckless) was demanding answers from Holdo, but why would Holdo want to talk to an apparently reckless subordinate who recently got demoted? I can’t imagine a captain (again, who recently got punished for decisions to which superiors didn’t agree) in say, the Australian army, walking into a General’s office (and personal space) demanding answers about something secretive. I don’t think that conversation would go down very well.

    The Vice-Admiral was created as a foil to the lead and mostly more popular characters, and she was written/played to deliberately mislead the audience. The film makers wanted us to dislike her, they wanted us to think like Poe, e.g. “What is she doing?” “Why won’t she tell me?” etc. and I think for the most part, it worked (making the viewers dislike her).

    On the other hand… we barely know her. Apparently, Leia was super good, off-screen buddies with her, and when Leia wakes up, we learn that apparently there was a plan all along, which results in the Vice Admiral making the ultimate sacrifice which to be absolutely truthful, could have seriously been achieved by a Droid (but I guess that would make for a less exciting story), and while the spectacle looks absolutely amazing, why hasn’t anyone in the past of Star Wars lore attempted such a feat? Because one ship (of considerable size, yes) destroyed an entire First Order fleet, or most of it anyway. I find it a bit strange because… this is an essentially brand new character, who sacrifices herself. Is that the only reason she was introduced to the story? For us to dislike her at first, and then she “redeems” herself to us by sacrificing herself to save the Resistance?

    I think if the Vice Admiral was introduced and established in The Force Awakens, and having a larger role there, then her sacrifice would have made more sense and would have invoked more emotion… but the fact she was introduced in The Last Jedi with little to no background and not having much screen time nor development, I think the sacrifice loses its impact, no pun intended. Seriously, when she was introduced on screen, she reminded me of how Dolores Umbridge was introduced in Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. As soon as she appeared on screen, we’re almost given visual queues to be suspicious of her.

    Star Wars has certainly taken an interesting direction. I look forward to Episode XI, more so out of curiosity, at this rate.

  • Never forget that one new character who was played up as an antagonistic foil for one of the popular main characters who sacrificed themselves needlessly in a universe with robots.

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