New Doom Mod Makes It Far More Wholesome

Ever wonder what happens to the monsters on a Doom map after Doom guy has ripped and teared his way through them? According to Mr. Friendly, a guardian demon wanders around chatting to them and doing little quests to make them happy.

I never thought Doom would be wholesome and cozy. What a world we live in.

Mr.Friendly is a playable alpha Doom mod that has players flying about classic Doom levels doing quaint little quests for the monsters. There are thousands of lines of dialog as the monsters ask you to collect items, pass messages on to other monsters or find specific locations. You can even go fishing.

On top of that, everything has been given cutesy new names. There are no shotgun shells in Mr. Friendly but there are plenty of boom seeds.

Not sold? How about a video of developer JP LeBreton showing off an earlier build of the mod.

Mr. Friendly is currently available on for free. You’ll have to familiarise yourself with the world of Doom mods to get it to work. Seems well worth the effort.


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