New Nintendo 2DS XL And 3DS XL Price Drop At Amazon

New Nintendo 2DS XL And 3DS XL Price Drop At Amazon
Image: Nintendo

Is it video game deals season or what? Hot on the heels of EB Games throwing 20% off everything at their eBay store, Amazon have unleashed deals on the Nintendo 2DS XL and 3DS XL. You can grab any edition of the former for $149 and the two editions of the latter for $179. Great!

There’s no secret code or word you need to enter at checkout, you can get these guys for the price stated on the tin (website) and with free delivery from Amazon that will have it to you, at this stage, by next week. Too easy.

I’d lean towards getting the 2DS XL – there’s no real benefit to getting the 3DS XL for $30 more unless you must have 3D. I generally turn it off, anyway. You can put that $30 towards a game!

New Nintendo 2DS XL – $149

New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition
New Nintendo 2DS XL Pokeball Edition
New Nintendo 2DS XL Orange
New Nintendo 2DS XL Black

New Nintendo 3DS XL- $179

New Nintendo 3DS XL Metallic Black
New Nintendo 3DS XL Blue

Nice one!


  • The 3DS has 3D (obviously), a larger stylus, better speakers as they’re on the side of the screen and not on the bottom of the console, larger battery, and you have the possibility of better screens (bit of a lottery with these depending on the panel in the console you get)

  • So, R4’s, whats the go?
    For either of these is it as simple as. Put games on micro SD put in R4, put that in 2ds/3ds and play, like how it was for NDS Lite (last one i have used).
    Or is it different nowadays (such as, i dont even know if R4 is still a thing).

    I am interested if i can use an R4 for my games but if not im not even slightly interested in getting one.

    • I don’t use an R4, but I can tell you that it must work because when I’m using streetpass I’m seeing people use applications I’ve never seen before. When I get home and google the name of the app, they’re usually something to do with homebrew stuff.

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