Nintendo Has Added Loot Boxes To Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo Has Added Loot Boxes To Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp just got loot boxes in its latest update. Thanks, I hate it!

Screenshot: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Nintendo)

The mobile Animal Crossing game is no stranger to dodgy, predatory mobile game mechanics. This latest updates introduces the scummiest of all: Loot boxes, in the form of the new Fortune Cookies. These items, available to buy at the market for either Bells or the paid currency of Leaf Tickets, will give you random, rare items when you eat them – items which are only available in these cookies.

Screenshot: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Nintendo)

They aren’t cheap, either. There are three tiers of Fortune Cookies available. The most expensive are linked to themed sets and are always purchasable with 50 Leaf Tickets. I grabbed one for the pastry shop themed furniture and clothing set and snagged a cute pastry display. The second tier is available for 5000 bells, and are also linked to special furniture and clothing sets, but are only sometimes available to buy in the shop. The lowest tier costs 50 bells, and when I ate that I literally got a toilet.

You can earn bells and Leaf Tickets in the game, and could probably earn enough Leaf Tickets to get a Fortune Cookie or two through levelling up and finishing quests. If you run out, the Leaf Ticket store does not sell Leaf Tickets in bundles of 50, so you’d have to buy the 45 ticket bundle for $2.99, and then the 20 ticket bundle for another $1.49. Your virtual furniture is gonna cost you $4.48.

I reached out to Nintendo to ask why they have added these new items to Pocket Camp but they did not provide comment in time for publication.

Like the rest of the game, Fortune Cookies have a dusting of the charming, sweet Animal Crossing icing sugar, but once you bite into it, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

When you open a Fortune Cookie you do actually get a fortune, and they’re pretty cute. One told me that I’d get a seat on the bus, which is legitimately a good fortune when you live in a city. Too bad these funny messages are linked to such a controversial form of monetisation.

I do truly appreciate this fortune. Screenshot: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Nintendo)

This is absolutely about monetisation, after all. Five thousand bells is a lot of bells – not so much that you can’t earn in a day, but it’d take a bit of work. Once you buy a Fortune Cookie with bells it sells out as well, further randomising your random items. The Leaf Ticket cookies are always in stock, so you can just keep buying them until you get what you want.

The Fortune Cookie store also has a stamp card you can fill up each time you buy a cookie with Leaf Tickets, and you can trade those stamps for other rare items not available anywhere else. This update also added a 2500 Leaf Ticket bundle to the store for $124.99.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp makes me sad. I love these characters, I love the art, and I love making a nice campsite to share with my friends. Every new update adds something else that reminds me of what the game is all about, though: Taking my money and taking my time.


  • Wow, really? I’d all but stopped playing because after getting my camp set up the way I wanted it, the rest of the gameplay was getting boring and repetitive (not to mention the flower-growing events were extremely frustrating). Now I genuinely just play a word search puzzle app on the daily commute. Time to uninstall.

  • The Fortune Cookie store also has a stamp card you can fill up each time you buy a cookie with Leaf Tickets, and you can trade those stamps for other rare items not available anywhere else.

    This is truly Machiavellian. It’s almost a second level of loot boxes, which I’m sure will come in time, somewhere. Instead of trading stamps for other rare items, you’ll be able to trade stamps for a ‘rare loot box’ or some such crap.

  • Too late imo. No-one was outraged enough when this started happening in mobile gaming. It just got worse and worse until the whole platform has become a joke.

    What we should be doing is taking a proper stand against it in real gaming… But instead, and I know I’m drifting off topic here, but half of gamers still seem to defend practices like those as see in games like Overwatch as “just cosmetic”.

    Well guess what.. Cosmetics are the only progression available in games Overwatch. And they work just as insidiously on the brain, with some people far more succeptible to it than others.

    Loot boxes are toxic, and any game with them deserves the same negative press SW BF2 received for its Star Cards. Regardless of what’s “inside” them, they’ll always be tied to progression, and therefore poisoning anything they’re a part of.

    • I want to clarify that I can understand why people defend Overwatch. It’s a great game, and a lot of people are luckily immune to buying loot boxes when they’re “just cosmetic”.

      However I think it’s worth remembering that not everyone is so lucky, and some people horrific amounts of money on these systems due to an (almost?) OCD level of needing to collect everything.

      • Loot boxes are loot boxes, people just turn a blind eye when it’s in something they like. There activism is meant to effect other people not themselves.

        • I’d at least say there are levels of loot boxes. Cosmetic loot boxes are not as bad as ones that give you items that can buff your character or are more powerful or cannot be gained any other way. They are all bad, just some are more bad. Pay2win is worse than Pay2LookPretty.

  • I gave up on pocket camp too. The freedom provided in other AC games just isn’t there (which makes sense due to the format) but the Game doesn’t offer enough new to make it fun on its own.

    I’m happy to drop a few dollars on a game if it’s fun and I feel like I’ll get something in return (it’s a nice way to thank the devs) but pocket cash never gave me much incentive, the game is just as fun without the extra tickets

  • “Your virtual furniture is gonna cost you $4.48.”

    No, it won’t. Because the items you get in the cookies are random and might contain dupes. A few people over on the /r/ACPocketCamp mentioned they have spent over 2000 leaf tickets and still did not get a full set of items. A few mentioned they got over 6 of one item and sometimes got the same item several times in a row.

    Someone else over there created a simulation using python and figured out that factoring in Stamp Cards, to guarantee getting every item you would need 100 cookies which would cost 5000 leaf ticket, or $250AU.

    • $250 is a lot of money but it’s a damn sight better than how much you have to spend to complete sets etc in most mobile games.

    • I don’t think those numbers are right. To buy directly of the “featured” (best) items, it costs ten stamp cards. Each stamp card is ten cookies, each cookie is 50 tickets. So to get one (of the three) featured items it would cost AUS$250. So if you’re unlucky it could go over a thousand dollars easily imo.

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