Nintendo Now Selling Cardboard Separately In Case People Destroy Their Nintendo Labo Creations

Before purchasing Nintendo Labo, one of my concerns was about replacement parts. What if my kids destroy the cardboard? What if I accidentally sit or step on a Toy-Con? There's good news and bad news. Good news, Nintendo's online shop has started selling replacement cardboard. Bad news, it's unavailable to Australian customers.

Photo: Brian Ashcraft

Nintendo previously addressed concerns about cardboard destruction in Nintendo Labo's FAQ, stating, "But if you need replacement materials, you'll be able to purchase them starting April 20, 2018, at or by calling Nintendo Consumer Service at 1-800-255-3700."

As of writing, both the Nintendo Japan online store and's store has the parts priced and listed.

Photo: Nintendo

Individual cardboard sheets are ¥162 ($2) in the Japanese store, making it possible to replace specific parts instead of buying a whole new kit. The US store doesn't sell single cardboard sheets, but provides a pack of two for $US2.99 ($4).

There are also sets for sale, such as the piano kit for ¥1296 ($16, $US11.99 in the US store) or the motorcycle for the same price.

Image: Nintendo

A set of the Variety Kit fastening items (rubber bands, string and so on) is ¥1080 ($13), $US9.99 in the US store.

Let's hope these replacement cardboard sheets come to Australian stores too.


    Why would you replace it? You've already played with it for five minutes and exhausted all the fun from it? You'll never touch it again unless you are six, in which case your parents have just told you that they are not going to replace it because you didn't look after the first one and they aren't spending US$12 just so you can wreck it again.

      Labo is not marketed at me, therefore no one can like it.

        LOL, where have I ever said I didn't like it? I'm a sucker for gimmicky crap. Just don't see any point in paying top dollar for it.

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