A Moment Of Silence For The Nugs

A Moment Of Silence For The Nugs
Image: Today Show / Channel Nine

Late yesterday afternoon, a truck rolled on the Hume Highway in Victoria. There are no injuries or fatalities, but something grave has happened nonetheless: one million chicken nuggets have been donated to the asphalt gods.

Daniel Andrews posted about the accident this morning, warning that “all lanes” north just past the M80 were closed to deal with the chicken carnage:

VicRoads also confirmed with radio station 3AW that around one million chicken nuggets – or 20 tons – were spilled, and the cleanup operation resumed in earnest this morning. 9 News reporter Lana Murphy took footage this morning of hundreds of boxes of nuggets being thrown out:

Delays are expected to continue until around 1000 local time, with the Hume Freeway closed for outbound traffic between Cooper St and the Ring Road until the nuggs have been cleared.

In the interim, people are having a bit of fun:


  • What a waste – surely in our modern age the food could be treated and used for something else rather than thrown out?

    • Scientifically, it might be possible to save or reuse the food somehow – but health and safety regulations would never permit it.

    • How though? It’s a frozen food so once it defrosts it runs the risk of starting to go off and once it gets to that point there’s nothing you can really do because you can’t refreeze it either. It being “chicken” it’s also going to be one of the more risky foods to consume after it’s defrosted for a while due to salmonella. The only way I know of to mitigate this kind of thing is to load them up with preservatives which is a health problem in and of itself.

      Unfortunately, even with modern technology, there’s not too much you can do with food that isn’t designed for long term storage (eg. Jerky or tinned foods) once it’s gotten to the “Use now or turf it” stage.

        • The company responsible would need to have a process and suppliers in place to receive goods of that nature. The trucking company wouldn’t do that stuff in house – the company that contracted the truckers may not either, and so extra third parties would have to be looped in that could receive and handle the goods appropriately.

          Put simply, it’s too hard basket material.

  • Should have moved them to the nearest Maccas and given them away for free. As long as the boxes or bags aren’t broken, they can still be used ASAP.

    • If a single person got sick from bad chicken, there’d be lawsuits and government agencies looking to investigate and all kinds of stuff that Maccas just doesn’t want a part of.

  • Late yesterday afternoon, a truck rolled on the Hume Highway in Victoria.

    This happened this morning. All the timestamps to all the twitter posts even prove this. Not sure how your brain made your fingers type in yesterday afternoon.

  • Don’t they MINCE up live baby chicks for these Nuggets, I don’t think Maccas waits for them to reach any sort of full grown adulthood lifestyle. In reality these are Chick nuggets 🙂

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