One Paris Street Has A Dozen Video Game Stores

One Paris Street Has A Dozen Video Game Stores

Photo: Jason Schreier

If you ever go to Paris, there are a few things you absolutely must see. There’s the Louvre, where the Mona Lisa hangs. There’s the Eiffel Tower, hulking and iconic. And then there’s the street full of video game stores.

Last week while visiting the World’s Most Romantic City™, I went down to Boulevard Voltaire, a central Parisian street that also happens to have a dozen game stores. They’re all next to each other, and they all sell a variety of new games, retro games, and all sorts of cool collectibles.

Here are a whole bunch of photos I took while wandering around there, including some cool collections of SNES games, a 1,500 euro copy of Darius Alpha (that’s not for sale), and lots of old JRPGs:

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