Overwatch Announces New Payload Map, Rialto

Overwatch Announces New Payload Map, Rialto

In the middle of today’s Overwatch League match, Blizzard showed off what players can expect from the next PvE Overwatch mission, Overwatch Retribution. And as part of the PvE mission, a new payload map will be added to the PvP rotation.

Featuring Genji, Reaper (but before he was Reaper), Moira and McCree, the mission takes place in a new map, based in Venice, Italy. Jeff Kaplan further added that Retribution would also be available in an all heroes mode, with special skins and unlockables as expected.

The mission will feature special Talon units that will challenge players, including an Orisa-like character, a specialist assassin, and more. A day-time version of Rialto – a new payload map – will be introduced as a PvP map for wider play, although it will be introduced to the test server first.

The Retribution mission is due to go live April 10 worldwide.


  • Very excited for more PVE content coming to overwatch, and I hope all future events have them too. Especially with the world cup later this year, I know we’ll get to see Lucio ball once again 🙂

  • My wife and I just got back into Overwatch in the last month after we took a good year break from it, looking forward to more things like this event in the future.

  • I found myself getting bored really quickly with the PvE content, it really highlights how little each hero can do when you are stuck using the same hero just primary attacking generic bad guys for a few minutes until your special is charged.

    You don’t really notice this in PvP because of how much more intense it is.

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