Overwatch Pro Reveals The Perfect Time To Use Genji's Ultimate

It can be difficult to know when to activate that hard-earned ultimate, especially when you're playing a lower-health hero like Genji. Luckily, the Los Angeles Gladiators' own João Pedro "Hydration" Goes Telles has you covered.

Image: Overwatch

In an all-access Q&A last night, the Overwatch League pro was asked, "How do you manage Genji's ultimate? What's the best situation in your opinion to use it?" Here is Hydration's answer:

"There's never a good situation to use that thing," said Hydration. "Whenever you pull it, six players will look at you, they will use every single cooldown on you, and you're just gonna get booped all over the map. And then you're gonna miss all your slashes, and then your dash is gonna get messed up, and you're gonna die. Just don't play Genji."

Honestly, sage words of wisdom. Please don't play Genji. The second your hero yells "Ryūjin no ken wo kurae," you might as well paint a giant target on your face.


    That just means to use it as a distraction.

      It's true, the screaming slicey boi is very distracting.

    He just sounds like all those people in the in-game voice chat who criticise people for playing as a certain character.

      Isn't that basically everyone who plays competitive? (I only play QP)

        Seems that way, I stick solely to Quickplay too, there's no benefit to me being able to play competitive, I prefer just to jump in for a quick match or two and have fun, being yelled at doesn't really factor into that equation.

    Any ultimate that has a durarion (and no damage immunity) can be countered. Which makes every character who shouts their attack a moron.

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