Yet Another Annoying Moira Trick

Yet Another Annoying Moira Trick

GIF: Twitch (atypick)

While the biotic scientist is already one of the most aggravating characters in Overwatch, with her constant orbs and ability to flit in and out of danger, here’s another reason to frown furiously in her direction.

Oasis has always been a map filled with shenanigans, and Moira now has another annoying card up her sleeve. Casters for a Overwatch online tournament over the weekend saw a neat little trick from French team Mantic0re.

Rather than using the start of the match to run forward, Mantic0re’s Adurnam ran to the road – the one filled with cars that kill you instantly. But instead of getting flattened like a pancake, Adurnam popped Moira’s fade ability just before being hit, making her invulnerable and launching her to the stairs just beside the point.

In a competitive setting, Moira’s surprise dash forward is really only useful for reconnaissance. The key advantage is being able to get around the side without being spotted, since Moira doesn’t actually do enough damage to risk skipping for a pick on a Zenyatta or Mercy. That said, knowing where the enemy is going and what their composition is a few seconds early can be the difference between winning or losing that first team fight.

What’s probably slightly more useful, seen at the start of the clip above, is Orisa getting bubbled by Zarya’s shield. Orisa didn’t get the same velocity as Moira, however, and changed to Roadhog shortly after.

It makes me wonder what other characters could get launched forward: could Soldier pop his sprint, head down the road and be saved by a Zarya bubble? Zarya’s ultimate doesn’t gain any extra charge – Blizzard removed that shortly after Oasis was released – but it could still be a really aggravating tactic if practised enough.

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