Pine’s Widowmaker Play Is One Highlight After Another

Pine’s Widowmaker Play Is One Highlight After Another

Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon missed most of the Overwatch League’s second stage, but over the last few weeks, he’s been making up for lost time. Pine has been cutting Widowmaker highlight reels almost every night of stage 3.

While he can play other heroes, Pine really excels at the Widowmaker. In last night’s match against Seoul Dynasty, he put together a three-kill sequence of shots, dismantling the Dynasty in about five or so seconds.

Widowmaker is the sniper of Overwatch, and it’s easy to see how someone good at her could put together montages easily. But it isn’t just the three kills in a row that Pine racks up, it’s the way he does it. In the clip above, he’s moving, dodging Tracer shots to survive, then immediately turning and locating the enemy Widowmaker.

Taking her out, he goes into motion again, this time hunting for a support. He knows he’s safe because his two biggest threats are off the map for a short time, so he can take a risky zip into enemy territory. It isn’t just single instances of precision, but impressive priority and game awareness as well.

Jump back a week, and you can find Pine pulling the same ridiculous shots against the Los Angeles Gladiators.

The week before that? Flanking Houston on the last point of Blizzard World for another triple kill. This one is a personal favourite of mine because it shows knowledge of the map. While his team fights on one side of the arena, Pine heads up the other side to Houston’s exposed flank.

Few players are as clipworthy as Pine, who makes stellar Widowmaker play look as easy as lacing your shoes. He’s got deadly precision, in and out of the game.

After taking a much-needed self-care break during the league’s second stage, big boss Pine is back and it’s a joy to see him take the stage for New York every week.


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