PSA: GTX 1060 Owners, Do Not Install NVIDIA's Latest Drivers


It's usually a no-brainer when your preferred graphics vendor releases new drivers. Download, install and (possibly) enjoy better performance and stability. Except in the case of NVIDIA's 397.31 drivers, which are forcing systems with GTX 1060s into a reinstall loop.

The issue was first reported by a user on the company's GeForce forums:

Windows 8.1 64 Bit - GTX 1060 6Gb - 397.31 was offered through Geforce experience after install it asked for a restart (which it has not on previous installs of drivers via Geforce experience) after restart i lost my second screen and open hardware monitor showed no GFX info.

A pop up tells me to force reinstall driver, this did not work and kept doing same thing restart force reinstall, next i tried a clean install still same problem so went to Nvidia drivers and re downloaded 391.35 problem solved i guess the new driver has issues

It didn't take long for more users to chime in with the same problem, suggesting it wasn't an isolated.

Eventually, a fellow with the username "Jagabot" provided a workaround for Windows 10, to downgrade to the last stable drivers.

For now, it appears the problem is limited to 1060, however, NVIDIA recently ended driver support for Fermi-based GPUs, as well as 32-bit operating systems, so there is some confusion with users on outdated hardware conflating things.

At the time of writing, there was no comment from NVIDIA on the problem, or an updated driver / hotfix to address it. So if you have a GTX 1060, just stick with your current drivers, or limit yourself to the last version, 391.35.

397.31 will not install [NVIDIA, via HardOCP]


    I was offered 397.31 a couple of days ago through Geforce Experience. The install went smoothly with no reboot required. So far, no problems.

    This is on Windows 10 64bit using an Asus GTX 1060 3GB.


    I had this JUST happen with my old school Quadro 5000 NVIDIA card.

    Fun times.

    Looks like the 820m mobile GPUs might also have been screwed up, mine is refusing to detect the card despite the site saying it's supported, there's only one mention of the 820m in the INF files anywhere and it's not enough to install it...

    Just had the same problem with Win10 64bit and Palit GTX 1060 6gb card. After manually downloading and installing version 391.35 everything works fine again.

    New drivers also limit total cards to only 10.
    If you have more than that rest of the cards will report problems.
    After first installation on mining rig I was thinking that few cards are broken.
    But after second rig I got it as the pattern and roll back to previous drivers.
    On previous drivers everything is ok.

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