Puma's New Sonic The Hedgehog Sneakers Are Very Hairy

Puma has a new sneaker coming based on Sonic, and... well, they got the colours right?

It has a childish look to it, which I guess works for the subject matter, and I suppose the design fits the overall Sonic aesthetic. The gold rings on the laces are a nice touch.

But what's up with that hairy suede? I don't want to think of Sonic as hairy. I don't want to think about Sonic and reality at all, because that's the way of nightmares.

SEGA Sonic RS-0 ????????

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These are out in June.


    It looks like it was thrown in the washing machine with a bunch of towels. yuck.

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    Those are some instantly recognisable but extremely ugly arse shoes.

    That fabric looks terrible and would look even more terrible after normal wear and tear. All that faux fur would pick up a shit ton of dirt

    am I the only one who likes them??? do I need to see a psych due to my weird taste???

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