Report: Stan Lee’s Blood Is Being Sold In Some Black Panther Comics

Report: Stan Lee’s Blood Is Being Sold In Some Black Panther Comics

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The ongoing personal and legal drama around Stan Lee is only getting weirder.

Things have been turbulent in the Lee family of late, with the Marvel Comics icon getting into a messy lawsuit against his former business partner, Jerardo Olivarez.

According to Hollywood Reporter last week, made a declaration in mid-February that sparked pandemonium amongst the Lee estate. One fallout from the declaration resulted in all of his communications being overseen and controlled:

Report: The Stan Lee Saga Is Only Getting Stranger And Sadder

A new report out today sheds more light on the allegations that 95-year-old Stan Lee is surrounded by bad actors who are all trying to get their hands on as much of the famed comics creator's money as they can.

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That’s weird enough, but not the strangest element. Under a new lawsuit filed by Lee against Olivarez and the Hands of Respect charity, a nurse was allegedly asked to extract blood from Stan Lee, blood that would later be sold through the Hands of Respect charity as a collectible item:

The full filing was obtained by Deadline, and can be viewed here. Other allegations in the suit include Olivarez supposedly purchasing a $US850,000 condo without Lee’s knowledge.

But the prospect of idolising someone’s blood is … disturbing. A friend of the Lee family, Keya Morgan, was quoted by Deadline as saying that you can find Black Panther comics in Las Vegas with Lee’s blood:

“There are shops in Las Vegas selling Stan Lee’s blood,” said a family friend, Keya Morgan. “They’re stamping his blood inside the Black Panther comic books and they sell them for $500 each.”

The lawsuit has been filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, and will undoubtedly play out for a while before any resolution. Nonetheless, and regardless of who ultimately conceived and approved of the merchandise, ghoulish seems like the perfect descriptor for the literal bloodletting of a 95-year-old for profit.


  • As disgusting as it is to steal Stan’s blood in the first place, do we know if authorities are taking the claim and comics being stamped with the blood seriously? If so, I would have thought they’d be looking to locate these store ASAP and seize the contaminated merchandise to destroy it.

  • So its like a weirder, creepier version of the old KISS comic where they mixed some blood in with the red ink?

    People are very strange and I don’t think I want to associate with them anymore…

  • This was reported in the geek press weeks ago. If such a strange and weird event is true, it leads you to question the veracity of the other reports.

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