Rocket League Pro Beats Entire Opposing Team For Goal

Rocket League Pro Beats Entire Opposing Team For Goal

A standard competitive Rocket League team has three players, but sometimes it only takes one to slam the ball into the goal, even past all three opposing players.

During yesterday’s Rocket League regional championships, Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon took the game into his own hands. In quick succession Gordon beat one, two, three defenders on his way to the Evil Geniuses’ goal, getting a solo point and crushing the opponents’ very soul in the process.

This golazo is another in a long list of perfect examples for why Rocket League is so compelling to watch at the highest level. Controls in the game are very basic: drive, brake, turn, hydraulics (hop), boost. What players have managed to do with those tools is incredible.

The way GarrettG goes over the top of one player and around another is cool, but it’s the last defender he beats that makes it awesome. He gets right up on the goal and then a short tap for forward motion, following it up with a boost and course correction to get around the defender’s right-hand side.

Every time I think I’ve seen it all in Rocket League, the pros surprise me.


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