Runescape was Friday's game, which was a bit too left field for everyone. So let's start off the week with something a little more ... homely.

Good luck! (Also: sorry about the weird colours. The iPhone I'm using at the moment is doing some ... weird stuff.)


    Ah, Galaga. Goodbye, 20c pieces.

      For me it was Galaga, Bubble Bobble, and Bank Panic that stole my 20's. And 6 Million Dollar Man pinball.

    Also: sorry about the weird colours.Is the Post-It blue with black ink or is it white with gold ink?

      It's blue with pencil. The desk behind is a standard white, and that's making the phone trip out for some reason or another.

    Absolutely Galaga. Galaga and Galaxian for the OC brick Gameboy was my first game, played the shit out of it

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