Ahh, soldant strikes again. The game was Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, with the icon specifically being the bombs that Cosmo would drop. Nice spot.

Before getting onto the next game: yes, the character was originally from Kirby 3, although that wasn't the game I was drawing. But I hear your feedback! So superdeadlyninjabees and lullyph do deserve some extra props.

With that out of the way, good luck with today's game!


    Bald Lemmings 2 - Return of the Clippers

    Thank you for the acknowledgement, Alex! Everything is better in my world today because of it (true story, it gave me a little skip in maybe step).

    Rampage? After you lose and turn back into a human? It was so much fun scooping up other defeated players and eating em, very much the insult to the injury!

    It's the 'Blocker' character from Lemmings.

      I thought that too, but he looks a bit cave-man like.

    Actually, now that I look at it closer, it looks road kill.

    Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure? I should have recognised that!
    Sorry, 5 year old me!

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