Sea Of Thieves Is Empty Right Now, But We’re Still Having Fun

With Sea of Thieves officially out for a fortnight, much of the discussion seems to have revolved around the lack of stuff to do. At Kotaku, many of us have found a ton of fun with the game.

I asked our resident captains Chris Person, Heather Alexandra and Tim Rogers to sit down and chat about their thoughts on Sea of Thieves so far and what they’d like to see the game do in the future.


  • Boring. Boring boring, boring boring boring. Boring boring boring boring boring!!

    Boring boring boring boring. Arsehole!! Boring boring boring boring boring CRASH!! boring boring boring.

    Sigh. Boring boring boring.

  • Great fun but should’ve been a $10-20 early access release. Hopefully its worth playing in another year or so.

    If I paid the $99 Microsoft are asking for it I’d be pissed.

    • Oh yeah. It wears thin after a week. I only ever played when there were people to play with. it honestly needs way more content. Yes people can make up their own stories, but give them something to work with.

      TBH, I feel like 75% of the game’s budget was just the ocean.

  • I feel like this game deserves No Man’s Sky level criticism. It just seems unfinished, unrewarding, and like the whole “Make your own stories!” thing is marketing speak for “We didn’t give everyone much to do so are reliant on you fantasising during play to pad out the experience”.

    • No. While this game is similar to the NMS situation. The devs of this game did not spend months lying about what was in the game. The devs demonstrated only the things that were in the game, And thats all the game contains.

      Everything that the devs demonstated is in the game. Its just that all that content is short lived.

      • E3 2016 – 21 months ago… their first playable demo and its shows the game in a near current state! Excluding some graphical and code polish, what happened between then and now and why does it feel lacking in content!

      • Yup. Thats a critical distinction between the two. If anything it shows me that Hello should have hired someone else to talk about the game.

    • I agree mostly, its not no man sky levels atrocity though.

      While the games fundamentals are fun, the lack of a content is something that should be blasted with severe criticism. This is not a product that should of gone to market in its current state or at full price

      Years of development, and everything they promised on stage made this game huger than what they delivered which is nothing more than a game that resembles a demo… and that’s the years of development that produced this. The “more content coming” arguement is invalid at this early stage too, what do people honestly think they can do in 6 months or a year to actually add content when it took them 3 years to add 3 fetch quests… they pretty much admitted they have no roadmap or plan post-launch, they are flapping in the wind like a loose sail.

      So why does Rare or Microsoft get praised for this game, when they should be held to task! This is Microsoft’s flagship title for their release of their new gamepass “Netflix style for gaming” content. What future does any other exclusive title have??? I can’t wait to see what happens to Crackdown 3 if they realise they can release it from development hell with only 3 repeatable fetch quests!!!

  • This looks like the perfect game to pick up after it’s had some content patches. Hopefully there will still be players.

    • I feel like we’re getting to close to the next console gen for this shit to be pulled at this stage in the game.
      So many games come out unfinished now days (this, NMS, SFV) and the developers rely on deceipt to sell the game earlier than it should. And because people spent $100 on this time burglar of a title, it’s an investment mentality that keeps people playing.
      This just looks empty and devoid of accomplishment. But hey, nice water effects.

      • I don’t think we are anywhere near the next gen. The Pro editions of two existing consoles are still fairly new and the Switch is only a year old and still selling like crazy.

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