Sean Murphy’s Batman Continuity Has Its Own Set Of Rules

Sean Murphy’s Batman Continuity Has Its Own Set Of Rules

Batman in the “Murphyverse.” Illustration: Sean Murphy / DC Comics

Sean Gordon Murphy, author of Batman: White Knight, has crafted within it his own pocket Batman world, with some substantial differences from the mainline world of the DC Universe, the most obvious one being that the Joker has gone dangerously, uh, sane.

But according to Murphy, there are a few more inviolable rules of his universe, ones that he’ll follow if he ever crafts a sequel to White Knight, which is scheduled to end after the upcoming eighth issue. The rules, per Murphy’s Twitter, are as follows:

It’s a solid ruleset, and it’s an interesting mixture of stylistic rules and commercial rules. The lack of variant covers ensures that the comic will be easy to stock, and keep fans from feeling like they have missed something if they can’t get the cover they want, while the lack of narration ensures a heavy focus on images and dialogue as the primary drivers of narrative.

What do y’all think? Good rules? And do you want more of the Murphyverse?



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