A Week On, EA Has Yet To Fix Serious, Ongoing Issues With Aussie Battlefield 1 Servers

A Week On, EA Has Yet To Fix Serious, Ongoing Issues With Aussie Battlefield 1 Servers
Image: EA

On April 4, a number of Australian Battlefield 1 players reported serious issues connecting to EA’s servers, ranging from disconnects to crashes. Over a week later, the problems continue, with neither EA’s community or support teams providing much in the way of updates. So what the hell is going on?

It all started nine days ago with an innocent post on EA’s official forums:

Seems every server?
I haven’t played since last Thursday so wondering if this has only been a problem today?
Probably a pointless thread but yeah, everyone else? know the cause/reason? thanks.

Soon, other Australian (and a few Kiwi) players jumped in, corroborating the connectivity issues. Surprisingly, it took two days for anyone from EA to respond and then only to state it was “working to resolve the issue”.

A second reply followed not long after, specifying there was “no ETA at the moment”.

The company fell silent again, this time for four days, until EA’s “Braddock512” responded — though the post had more to do with forum etiquette and refunds than the original issue (which had continued in the intervening time).

Currently, the only prominent, official message regarding the servers is from Braddock512 in the forum’s Announcements section, however, it was posted on April 6 and has yet to be updated with any new information.

On April 12, Braddock512 did reply to players in the original thread with this somewhat disingenuous comment:

@SumwhatKrazy Sorry you feel that way. Our Announcements section is chock full of updates, news, and info. If you’re unsure of where it is, it’s at the top of every major section (differentiated by the game.)

Regarding this particular issue, we’re still working with our teams and partners in the region to resolve the connectivity issue affecting our APAC players. We have seen some recovery, but will continue driving towards a resolution.

At the time of writing, this was EA’s last communication with players on the server issues, which remain unresolved.

Kotaku Australia reached out to EA ANZ earlier today; we’ll update this story when we hear back.

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  • Ah, I thought it was being pretty damn flaky. At least it’s not just me. Hopefully they get their act together soon, I was just enjoying getting back into BF1 after a few months away.

  • about a week ago i too get random crash/disconnect from server

    (only when i try an access a vehicle thoe)

  • Ive tried playing on xbox one recently but everytime i join i get 200+ ping and huge rubber banding. Other multiplayer games work fine.

  • EA treats customers like shit. In other news, scientists discover water is wet. Here’s Tom with the weather…

  • i had an issue when i logged in cos of the new dashboard update, couldnt connect to the online server at all. Closed application and restarted the game which fixed the dashboard update and then played in one of the 5 populated aussie servers without any issues for a couple of hours till i hopped off. PS4

  • Servers were up for a day or so, all have been crashing again for the last couple of days. So we’re going on 2 weeks of this now and the attitude from EA is atrocious, in particular with discussions surrounding refunds. Perhaps EA might like to remind themselves of the legally enforceable undertaking they made to the ACCC in 2015.

  • Its now the 19th of April, nothing has changed, servers are still crashing. We have been told they are “tracking an issue”. We have been incorrectly told that we cannot get a refund for this, which complaints have been made to the ACCC about EA’s conduct on this issue as it breaches their 2015 commitment. There is now growing momentum in the boycott of BF2018 over how poorly handled this issue has been.

    • This is STILL happening. Affecting All Oceania servers and players. Servers were back up for two days and are now down since Friday am. The only comment from Braddock is that they are working non stop to fix/ only some players were experiencing sporadic connectivity issues which is incorrect as it’s the entire player and server base which goes down. Has been occurring for 24 days now. We have not had any other information, in terms of cause, time frame for a fix or resolution at all. The communication and support has been shocking. Can kotaku get any more information from ea

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