7 Year Old Galaga WR Smashed By Over 1.5 Million

GIF: Twitch (FlyHec)

Armando "APK" Gonzalez has given the world record for arcade classic Galaga a bit of a belting, beating the previous world record by more than 1.5 million.

Referees and staff from the Galaga Forum confirmed and approved the record earlier this morning, which was played on a Galaga 1981 ROM with no bonus lives and the accepted settings of five lives and Rank D.

The result means that Andrew Laidlaw's seven-year record of 4,525,150 has finally been displaced, with Andrew Barrow having just fallen short at Score Wars with a score of 4,335,800.

Galaga Forum’s head referee and staff have approved Armando Gonzalez’s score of 6,056,490 as a new world record on...

Posted by Galaga Forum on Sunday, 29 April 2018

The playthrough took around four hours, which is damn impressive when you consider the difficulty of concentrating at that high a level for so long. A good chunk of Gonzalez's final two lives, with one lasting approximately forty minutes.

"Really unexpected, and considering the wrist - it's hurting ... after this I'm probably not going to play for a while," Gonzalez said after the run.

An uninterrupted video of the Galaga playthrough has been uploaded to Twitch, which can be viewed below.


    Who's next? I know someone said they were waiting for this score to be beaten to put up a score.

    Did he just magically wipe off that final score pop up in the GIF?

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