Shadow Of War Is Removing Its Marketplace, Gold And War Chests

Shadow of War's microtranssactions might not have been popular, but unlike Battlefront 2 they were never removed from the game despite the public controversy. But that's set to change on July 17, with the developers releasing a patch that will remove Shadow of War's gold, war chests and marketplace entirely.

In a post on the official Warner Bros forums, Monolith wrote that they realised the ability to purchase orcs in-game was, ultimately, counterproductive:

The core promise of the Nemesis System is the ability to build relationships with your personal allies and enemies in a dynamic open world. While purchasing Orcs in the Market is more immediate and provides additional player options, we have come to realize that providing this choice risked undermining the heart of our game, the Nemesis System.

It allows you to miss out on the awesome player stories you would have otherwise created, and it compromises those same stories even if you don’t buy anything. Simply being aware that they are available for purchase reduces the immersion in the world and takes away from the challenge of building your personal army and your fortresses.

In order to fully restore the core promise of the Nemesis System, we’ll be permanently removing Gold, War Chests and the Market from Shadow of War.

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Unused gold will be converted to in-game items if not spent before May 8, with the market, war chests and gold being permanently removed on July 17 internationally.

As part of the same update, Monolith confirmed that the Shadow Wars element of Shadow of War's campaign would be updated. "This portion of the game will be improved with new narrative elements and streamlined for a more cohesive experience," Monolith wrote, adding that more updates to the Nemesis system, skill tree, gear and progression would be detailed in the coming weeks and months.

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    After liking some of the first game, I absolutely refused to touch this game at all, due to its contempt for gamers.

    With this news, I'll give it a rent. And if I do buy it later, it'll be at a much lower price then what I would have bought it at originally.
    But since trust is the game has evaporated, only waiting to see what they'll change for real is when right's driven gamers should wait and see.

      The thing is, right, is that the loot boxes never really did anything worthwhile, apart from the command orders that gave you the ability to upgrade your orcs with abilities that you want them to have. I mean, the rest of the stuff was getable in the game, they were exclusive to the loot boxes, so if they make them gettable in the world too, that would be cool.

        Except the uber powered Orcs it allowed you to get for the online component. Other stuff *may* have been able to be gotten in game theoretically, but the grind to get them, the grind, was horrendous. This was a horribly bad game for microtransactions, imbalanced in the worst way.

      It's telling that they wait until now to remove this stuff. More than 6 months since the game came out, you'd assume sales have pretty much dried up, and most of the people who bought it have now finished and moved on to other games and therefore aren't going to be buying any of these things anymore anyway, even if they did buy some when they were actively playing it.

      So now they take the microtransactions out in the hope of picking up some more sales from people who refused to buy it previously because of them.

        Yeah, I mean, let's face it: we are talking about WB here...

        Nailed it. Pretending to do the right thing under the real shadow of 'damn it noones buying it, let's throw them a false hope'. The game honestly isn't as good as the first imho. Something feels cheapened and lessened in it. People aren't missing anything not playing it.

        That was pretty much what I was thinking as I read this. The cow is now milked but lets see if we can pick up a few spilt drops.

        Plus they got thier market research out if it. Onto the next formulae to try with another title.

      The boxes were never that bad. I didn't spend a cent on any of it and I played a lot.

        The accusations that the game drove you to them were clearly from people who’d never opened one.

        There was zero point to them. The post-credits end-game is grindy as fuck, but the boxes really do fuck all to shortcut it.

          Are you kidding?
          Grinding / leveling orcs was a massive chore. Certainly not a "fun gameplay loop".

          Far Cry 5 is a much better example. In that, the actual gameplay loop is fun. Training up orcs was not.

            Mind you, I didn't buy it. I'm just going from watching late-game Twitch streams. Perhaps I'm missing something.

            No, I'm saying there was no point to buying orcs. Like I said, grindy as fuck, but getting some 'decent quality' orcs in a box (good fucking luck) wouldn't make jack shit difference. It's actually much faster to just toss lower-level grunt orcs into the arena as mulch and take ten seconds to recruit the victor if your one dies, then continue mulching through the arena til you find a legendary/epic with stats you actually like, rather than pulling the lever with cash and having to find something to do with the rejects.

            Basically, it's fair to criticize lootboxes and RMT etc if the game is being made grindy to force you towards the boxes, but the utter uselessness of the boxes proved that it wasn't forcing you to boxes to shortcut the grind... it was just grindy no matter what you did.

            Last edited 03/04/18 7:21 pm

        I agree that they "weren't that bad" - I didn't need them to finish the game or anything. But I was embarrassed for EA that they were there. The other thing was how it broke the immersion for me - whenever I earned currency for the loot boxes it just felt silly.

      How do you plan on renting the game??

        A lot of public libraries have games you can rent. That's how I played this game.

          Damn. You have the best library ever. Mine is just full of Bryce Courtney and homeless people.

            Ours has unemployed and students in it, because a) its got Centrelink next door, and b) the free bus to the Uni stops outside.

      The point of them removing the marketplace now is because it's no longer making copious amounts of cash so removing it will spawn more purchases of the base game as ppl who refused to buy into this on principal may now be fooled, Warner knew that the marketplace was bad before releasing the game, They Don't care about us, Do not buy this game.

        People who refused to buy it on this principle will continue to do so, like you and I. I'll keep an eye out for what they do with the third entry, if it ever gets made, because that will be the true test of their character. I'll probably wait until it's in humble bundle and pick it up then if they don't pull this shit again. Shadow of War however is on my " never purchase" list.

          Yeah buying into this only makes the industry worse, There's alot of great games on the horizon anyway. & your right, It's the third game that will reveal how they see potential customers.

      So they either still really don't get it...or more likely they're just making up crap & spinning our wheels. It ain't about 'compromising the story' or negatively affecting your vision or any such rubbish. It's plain & simply because IT'S WRONG ffs!!!

      If we need to explain to you why it's wrong (& I'm sure we don't) then you really don't deserve the custom. But if you do know exactly why gambling, microtransactions and any P2W mechanics are blatantly wrong on oh so many levels in our games (other than, you know, actual gambling games, ahem), then you simply yet again insult our collective intelligences doubly with this watered down nonsense excuse.

      You should have just admitted your greedy shareholder driven implementation from the get-go Monolith & rolled back your sins. I for one would have had about 5-10% (+1% per $1 refunded to each owner) more respect than this lame rationalisation which only someone with an orc brain would swallow!

    They are probably only removing them because people figured out how to cheat and get infinite boxes

      They never needed to do that. They would just make there ocrs lvl 100, and given them every ability in the game. Hopefully, they fix that somehow too, as its completely fucks with online fort attacking. They basically become the most shit boss ever.

      i know you can get infinate silver though using a trainer/cheat engine, but i havent heard of people figuring out to get free gold, and that would be a massive thing as it would kill microtransactions altogether

    You reckon this'll come with them fixing the ai and balancing? I always felt like my orcs were made inferior by dumb decisions and would lose out to lower level orcs they had an advantage over, seemed extremely malicious as it was sort of prodding "Hey you can just buy more, no big deal". Even the chief I brought in Shadow of Mordor died to a bug, definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Sweet, looks like I'll actually buy it now.

      They aren't removing the marketplace because it was bad, They're removing it because it's not making as much cash, & to fool ppl who refused to buy it based on the marketplace being in game, If you buy this, You may as well have brought it day one on release.

        Meh, I loved the original & all I wanted was the marketplace bs removed from this. So since it's finally happened I will buy it. No matter their intended reasons in doing so, it's still a win for gamers imo. And I haven't bought a game on day one release since I was back in high school, I only buy games when the drop price or it's on special. I have so much games in my back catalogue that I've become pretty patient when it comes to purchases. Hell I'm currently playing Fallout New Vegas for the first time ever & loving it.

        Last edited 03/04/18 2:24 pm

          New Vegas is great science fiction. Dead money Dlc draws from Metropolis etc Enjoy it, I'm currently replaying Fallout 4 & there's nothing special here, I like the er, um hmm. Yep lol i like having junkyard dogs for settlement defense but thats hardly the Fallout experience i wanted, Know & expected.

            Oh man Fallout 4, I remember putting in about 200 hours into the settlement building aspect alone. Have never even met Nick Valentine or completed the main quest or any of the DLC lol. I don't hate it as much as the general consensus does, but I can't really speak since I have never finished the actual game after all these years. Yeah NV has been great so far, though I wished the world was a lot more populated than it is, but hey we got mods to fix that lol

        I get where you're coming from. Lootboxes are disgusting.

        But we should still applaud them for making this move. The decision to implement them would have been before the world finally took a stance against them.

        By doing this now, they will make it much harder on themselves to add them in the next game.

        Mind you, I'm tempted to wait for the GOTY version myself (despite how pointless the GOTY version was for the first game).

        The DLC is just about to release too.

          In theory, yes, we should applaud a developer for making this move. However, making this move 6 months after the game was released because of a "realisation" that it was negatively affecting their game seems like a far more calculated and disingenuous approach. They want to have their cake and eat it too.

            I think I'm actually ok with that. If we get to the point that people reliably fix up and remove monetisation schemes after the launch window then I'm quite happy to just wait until then.

    I love a good grind but that game broke my patience.

    I got to the fourth act and said "no more". Never went back. Never will go back.

    As other players have intimated - those loot boxes have little to no utility. I would say particularly if you do not play the final act or the online aspect of it.

      Yeah, the grind at the end killed it for me, too. Was really enjoying it until then. Very glad I rented this one from my library instead of purchasing it.

    It's possible that the contract they had with their publisher to have micro-transactions has expired, and rather than outright say it they're restoring the game to the 'internal vision' version. That is, take out the microtransactions and make the game what the designers initially wanted it to be.

      Your putting too much blame on the publisher, You don't know if this was a developer idea.

        All initial reports do suggest the microtransactions were the publishers idea.

      I'd like to think that but I think it's more profit maximisation. They are done with the monetisation of those who were willing to look past or embrace loot boxes and they are now onto the dregs - ie, those who didn't buy.

      I think it goes fairly unnoticed by many - but they clearly tried to make a clash of clans with the online component of this game. That's where the lootboxes start to really come into their own. I think they had something if they could have designed a simpler to play on mobile version with the same system.

    Looks like they are also "fixing" the last act.

    Got to "Shadow War" (Act 4) over the easter weekend. Its basically a grind fest with no story involved just a heap of fortress seiges. Couldn't be bothered with it but may go back if they add more story elements.

    Credits could have easily been at the end of Act 3

    Last edited 03/04/18 12:11 pm

      As far as I'm concerned, it did. Watched the act 4 ending on youtube and knew that if I'd slogged through the long tail of the game and that was my reward I would have been *pissed*.

      Yep. It's the game version of the old Lambchop song...

      "This is the game that does not end, cause it goes on and on my friend..."

    Talk about WAY too fucking late. The game has already been more or less forgotten, and having already made the decision to completely ignore it, I'm not going to go back and bother with it now.

    Or, 'We made as much money as we're likely to make, now we'll take it all out and maybe people will tell us how wonderful we are. Oh, how wrong we were!'

    *rolling in cash*


    Paying top dollar for a AAA game then asking for P2W microtransactions... greed overtakes player experience. BF2 is the cautionary tale here. Publishers get too excited thinking MT will be a path of gold, but this only works for "freemium" games. But if i've paid my $80+, I shouldnt be required to pay more to play. Hopefully the big publishers have learnt their lesson ...

    Its so obvious this is a ploy to get more people buying the game. Hopefully BF2 has taught WB Games to not implement lootboxes.

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