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  • Was supposed to have an endoscopy and some other tests tomorrow, but my sis called and said she can’t take me any more cos there’s been a death in the family on her husbands side, so they have to go interstate. :\ My dad’s down in Port Macquarie too, so no backup available there either.
    Hospital said they’d try and figure something out, but just have to wait and see what happens when they call back. I’m guessing they might be looking at transport by ambulance as an option, but usually they won’t even proceed with it if you don’t have someone to stay with you overnight following the operation, so not sure if they’ll even let me be dropped at home by them.
    Might have to be rescheduled. Hopefully won’t be too far away if it is, as I’m listed as a cat1 patient, so should be fairly high priority.

  • So one game I recently beat was Shadow Warrior 2. Man, what a huge disappointment that was. The first Shadow Warrior reboot was a pleasant surprise. It came after Halo died but before Doom was released, so it really scratched that Arena itch I had been missing. The sequel shits all over on it. I was kinda touching it here and there but only recently decided to focus on it.

    The story and characters are better, Lo Wang is the same but he does have a sense of honour to himself. Seeing him interact with Kimiko was funny and never became extreme, cliche or tiring.

    But the gameplay and design just takes a huge dump over the previous game. It replaces the fast pace, quick decision making of the first game with a pathetic loot drop system that just creates more busy work.

    The weapon variety is pretty big, but I prefer a more focus weapon slot that only improve as you do rather than giving the illusion of free choice. Early on I fell for it, I was making decisions and weighing up the difference between each pistol, only to realise that each pistol is pretty much the same just with a different skin attached. Each new weapon is slightly stronger than the previous one in its category and once I figured this out weapon managing just became busy work as I transferred all upgrades to the new weapon and slot it into my quick select wheel. The only weapon that avoids this is the chainsaw, mainly because it’s the only chainsaw you retain for the whole game.

    Enemy variety has the same problem, so many different skins, all same attack patterns. Even then most enemies have the same attack, close the distance into melee. Considering guns are part of the gameplay this really destroys ranged combat as you spend most of your time doubling back to get enough room to shoot them. Or just switch to melee.

    The worst enemy type is the bosses, or elites or whatever. These characters take half their health before they kneel over and become invincible, then a half dozen new enemies spawn and you have to kill them to make the boss stand back up and continue the fight. This happens way too often and turns them into nothing but grind sessions. But it’s ok, because there’s literally no penalty to death. If you die you just spawn close by and can try again with the enemies only recovering threshold health. It’s like the Big Daddy fights in Bioshock, you can eventually wear everybody down.

    Magic variety is a waste, I was expecting this to get the biggest improvement but all you really need to upgrade is healing. You can get some use out of Vanish (which when fully upgraded allows you to avoid combat altogether) but after that the other abilities can’t effect enemies.

    So the gameplay isn’t interesting and the enemies aren’t interesting to engage with so how did I finish the game? By not bothering with either. I seriously started jumping into missions where all I did was dash through the entire map, avoiding all enemies and just keeping ahead of them, only stopping to shoot when it required me to do so to progress. This probably cut out several hours of gametime but this is the most offensive part of the game. Why would you create a game where avoiding the gameplay is a better choice than engaging in it?

    They had free DLC trials for you to complete, which sounds nice until you realise that they’re really glitchy. For some reason the game sometimes doesn’t register your character jumping over lava so you’ll take high damage and die, having to restart the whole trial again. Oh, but any ammo you spent doesn’t replenish, so fuck you I guess.

    • That’s a shame. Did they keep a decent amount of the environmental damage stuff in it or is that limited as well?

    • Interesting. I think SW2 works better when you’re playing it absent mindedly. ie I tend to find it works well when I’m playing on a laptop while the wife watches TV. It’s definitely not a game to focus on too deeply… it’s lacking story and atmosphere for sure.

    • I was pretty hyped for SW2, then I played a demo of it at PAX and found out the sort of game they’d made it into. Loss of interest was almost instant. Very disappointing.

      All they needed to do with it was continue the first game and polish up some of the enemy encounters, but no, they had to fuck with stuff that wasn’t broken.

      • There was some stuff that was broken. The magic system was too basic and the controls on PS4 needed a bit of tweaking. But I assumed they would have been natural improvements from a sequel, not leaving them untouched.

      • I’ve been playing Bloodborne for the past 2-3 weeks; Orphan is the final boss of the Old Hunters DLC, and (in my experience, at least) the hardest boss in the game, as he took me upwards of 50 attempts over about 3 hours.

        Incidentally, finished off the other three bosses last night on the first or second attempt each. After Orphan, they were almost relaxing.

        • Ludwig was more of a wall for me then Orphan. Get the parry timing right helps a lot for Orphan, where as Ludwig was a relentless mofo, and once you think you understand him he completely changes his move pattern!
          Incidentally now also my favourite boss fight in Bloodborne ????

          • Yea, parry timing was crucial for Orphan’s first phase, but I kept getting wrecked by the second phase – he’s just so aggressive, and hits so damn hard, which made forcing myself to dodge through his swings terrifying – his attacks have a lot of forward momentum, so you can’t really backpedal without getting swatted; you really need to get behind him.

            Ludwig was a really cool fight, but I didn’t find him all that difficult – his first phase has some scary attacks, and his dodge timings are a little slower than I expected, but sticking close to his side seemed to avoid most of his heavier attacks; his second phase was pretty intuitive – ducking and weaving through his attacks was a lot of fun (tho his big frontal AoE was much wider than I expected, and nearly killed me before I could dodge out of it). Definitely one of my favourites, tho.

            Now working through the defiled chalice… that first boss was a doozy – took me around an hour, and I hear it only gets worse from there. :/

  • I may be crazy but i can’t find the dlc for Zelda as a stand alone package anywhere on the eshop?! Only can see the base game or the bundle with the game.

  • For those thinking about PSVR, JB went above the price drop and have it at $399 which is pretty awesome. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but this may finally convince me to jump in.

  • After finishing FC5 I went back and installed FC2. It is legit a better game, outside of side missions the game is better, not only in terms of mechanics and details, but also animation. The world just feels a whole lot more alive than FC5.

    Enemies react more realistically to injury, bullets penetrate walls and all the mechanics feel like they fit in the setting (broken vehicles, broken guns, broken navigation with broken people). The only things I think FC5 has going for it are graphics, side content and coop.

    Even fire feels more interesting in FC2.

      • I have a deep need to cleanse my body with whichever pharmaceutical drugs I can find. I figured it wasn’t Miliaria, but the withdrawal symptoms kicking in. /s

    • Were you of the opinion before FC5 that FC2’s idiosyncrasies were a good or a bad thing?

      I’ve been noticing a few people here and there compare the two and the why of it has gone over my head. They’re almost completely different paradigms in intent.

      • There are issues, most notably the respawning checkpoints and small amount of fauna. However in comparison to FC5 the game is a lot more satisfying, the whole theme of the game is the idea that the country is falling apart and the game then applies that chain of thought to everything.

        I think why I can forgive its shortcomings is that as a PC player I can fix most of the issues with mods. You can remove the sepia (read as shit stained) filter on everything, showing a prettier landscape, you can make it so checkpoints don’t respawn and you have a well of content to play with in the form of custom maps.

        Then there act less like cartoon villains and more like people, an awesome soundtrack, bullet pentration, buddies and a setting that doesn’t get explored enough in games.

  • Guys, i had another game idea. I hate myself for having game ideas I can’t always make. D=

    Anyway, the idea is you are an aspiring salvage/treasure hunter and you start off with one small dive on a shipwreck.
    As you make money on that shipwreck, you are able to do deeper dives and further away dives that may be more lucrative.
    The idea would be to spend money on the travel to the location, on the equipment (or a deep sea dive is more expensive than a shallow one).
    Then it goes into the actual diving and exploring the ship looking for treasure and salvage.
    I was thinking that some of the dives could be based on real ship wrecks as well.

  • I am looking at the Steam group and it looks depressing, anyone up for some cheap games over the weekend (what the box, contagion, depth, etc)?

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