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    He said talk, damnit.



        Maybe I am, hiding behind the veil of anonymity of the internet.

          Maybe you are. Maybe you aren't. We will never know!

            It doesn't have to be like that. I want to see some cheesy reality tv show now. Where the 2 re unite and cry in a touching moment.

    A couple of weeks until Battletech and State of Decay 2, yummy.

      If almost forgotten about battle tech.
      Better put it on my wish list, though I think I'll wait for some reviews to come in first.

        Maybe you should, but after Shadowrun I have faith in them to make a pretty good title out of what is essentially a very similar game.

    I have been crunching out badge designs for the last two days. I originally planned to have so many more, but it is hard when I've been sick for 6-8 weeks

      Badge designs?

        Yea. They are on my twitter. I will grab links when I get home

    Satellite Reign is free on the Humble Store at the moment. Never got round to playing it, but heard good things.

    Some times I want to punch autocad3d in the face.

      Any one tried alternatives? I've looked around but so many focus on civil design. I operate on the small scale for machinery parts etc, I'm usually dealing in a few meters down to mm or factions of.

    As someone who hasn't watched South Park in 15 years, and only randomly on and off before that, will that mean I miss lots of stuff in Stick of Truth and Fractured?

      Stick of truth Maybe, fractured I don't know i actually bored of it pretty quickly and have only played a few hours.

      Maybe, I guess. Since there's characters & references to the latest seasons in it, might leave you a bit "wtf" but not a bad game.

    Just finished watching s3 of UnReal with Tegan. A+ show, even if there were some episodes in s3 that were a bit ... off.

      I would so watch Unreal with Tegan. That would be a crazy series.
      I'm actually surprised that UnReal is still running, when I heard the premise I figured it woudl be a single season only

    I'm creeping up on 50 hours spent in Ni No Kuni 2 without having finished it despite it being easily finishable in 30.

    I just enjoy the colourful and super wholesome world.

    When is a good age to introduce my younglings to star wars?

      I play Lego Star Wars with my 4 1/2 year old and he loves it.

      When I told him that Star Wars was actually a movie, he really wanted to watch it. So I started with A New Hope, which he sat through and was semi interested. I then thought I'd try Phantom Menace (he loves playing Jar Jar in Lego SW) thinking it might be more appealing but he lost interest very quickly.

      I think I'll try again in a few more years, maybe hold off till 8 or 9. Ideally, I think maybe 13 will be better, but I'm not sure I can hold off for that long!

        I realise now that your question was most likely tongue in cheek... I forgot about that static podcast that's been in the news feed for weeks....

      Let them discover their own tastes instead of trying to create mini me's.

      Yes I do know your post was a joke.

    Ok so on lifehacker there is an article about tyre safety. The last one was don't drive more than 80km/h on a space saver.

    In the comments I wrote, you should check the individual tyre as 80 is only a rule of thumb, some space savers are rated lower.

    An hour later I scroll past and notice 0 comments. I check the article and yup my post has been deleted.

    Why delete that comment?
    You can be racist, sexist or homophobic in the comments at times but, hey don't try correct something that may endanger people.

    When I had my Chrysler 300, it was labelled on the side of the tyre 70km/h MAX. There is also no standards on a space savers maximum speed, it's up to the manufacturer.

    Would the author rather put people in danger than amend an article? or even admit that yes it's a rule of thumb but you should always check your individual vehicle.

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