That Aussie Syndicate-Esque Game Is Available For Free

That Aussie Syndicate-Esque Game Is Available For Free

Back when everyone was trying to make ends meet through Kickstarter, Satellite Reign was one of the few Aussie games that had massive success. It also happened to be a lot of fun, and its smarter take on the Syndicate formula is available today for the sweet price of nothing.

Humble Bundle are offering Satellite Reign for free until late Saturday night, with the game playable on PC, Mac and Linux if you so choose. The game now has full co-op multiplayer over LAN or online, which is an excellent reason to pick it up if you have nothing else to play this weekend.

Luke reviewed the original version back in 2015, and had an absolute blast. He also found it was better than if 5 Lives Studios – which are based in Brisbane – had just tried to reuse the Syndicate formula. Fortunately, Satellite Reign is better than that.

Satellite Reign: The Kotaku Review

I'd been led to believe that Satellite Reign was a modern-day Syndicate. Turns out it isn't. Phew.

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To grab a free Steam key for Satellite Reign, head over to Humble Bundle.


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