The Best Clips And Screenshots From Fortnite’s New Replay Mode

The Best Clips And Screenshots From Fortnite’s New Replay Mode

Like PUBG before it, Fortnite now has a suite of replay tools that allow you to pan around gameplay moments you’ve captured, position cameras, mess with colours, and, if you want, create elaborate clips. Players have already used them to churn out some quality stuff.

GIF: PenaPro

You can find replays by opening your career menu and then selecting the “replays” option. From there, you can select from recently played matches, which you’ll be dropped into, controlling a camera focused on your character. Clicking on the little camera icon beneath the scene’s progress bar allows you to pick from other cameras like a free-floating “drone”, drones that attach to specific characters from a distance, and a gameplay camera that recreates the match as it played out in-game. Each camera also contains its own sub-menu of options, including exposure, focal length and auto-focus. Replays are confined to small circles of the map near your character, but the tool is still powerful and versatile.

At the moment, players are mostly using the replay tool – which has only been out for a day – to make montages and tell short stories.

Source: edir.

And of course, what would a new system like this be without gratuitous slow-mo?

Source: PenaPro.

I’m honestly not sure what’s happening here:

Not every Fortnite player is a wannabe director, though. Some prefer the quiet, subtle art of photographing explosive battles to the death.

Already, there’s a new subreddit dedicated to Fortnite photography. It’s produced some gems.

Image: th3infinity

Image: Deoxyribow

Image: jame_cool

The award for best replay of all, though, goes to SaladeCanadienne, who made the brilliant decision to set their video to “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls. You’ll have to click through to see it, but in the meantime, I can at least give you a hint as to why they made that particular song choice:


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