The Best Cosplay From Fan Expo Dallas 2018

Fan Expo Dallas ran from April 6-8 at the Dallas Convention Center, and in addition to a surprisingly huge list of star attendees there was also loads of amazing cosplay present as well.

Our cosplay photographer Mineralblu was in the house (and outside it) taking shots, the best of which you can see below. He also put together a very nice video, for those who like to see cosplay in action.

As always, you can see more of Mineralblu's cosplay photography at his Facebook page.

Cosplay by Karli Woods

Cosplay by VAMPTRESS LeeAnna Vamp, Soni Aralynn,Danielle DeNicola, Karli WoodsJessica Nigri 

Cosplay by Joanie Brosas

Cosplay by Kenny Turner

Cosplay by Mariner Cosplay

Cosplay by codzillabee

Cosplay by thedonstrife

Cosplay by Alton Fisher

Cosplay by Viverra Cosplay

Cosplay by bruthcosplay

Cosplay by Maddy-Lea

Cosplay by lifeofagodzilla

Cosplay by William Anton Rey

Cosplay by Yunaorsquall

Cosplay by heyitsgonzo

Cosplay by Koco Evans

Cosplay by alter_affect_cosplay

Cosplay by thesaviorofthewasteland & onecoolgato

Cosplay by Alizorah, Alyssa Kay Rodgers, Lord Salsa Verde & Jennybelly 

Cosplay by Jennifer Musselman, ella_marieleila & lillymusselman

Cosplay by Unknown

Cosplay by Deacon Frost

Cosplay by Cheeky Cheetah

Cosplay by The Cosplay Dog

Cosplay by Danielle DeNicola


    codzillabee as Aloy (HZD) is pretty darn impressive!

    Wow William Anton Rey as Tony Stark is dead on. Those Fallout guys did an awesome job too. This would be sonething I'd love to do with friends but lack the skills, time or cash to do it properly.

    I feel like i should know that character with the pan on his head...argh it's driving me bonkers!

    Pretty good Alice Cooper in the first photo.

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