The Best Deals From EB Games 20% Off Everything Sale

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Hey! EB are running a sale! It's not a sale with all the red and white sale tape everywhere! In fact, you don't even have to go into the store to get these awesome deals. Consoles, games, accessories! We've got all the best deals here.

The EB Games eBay storefront is running a 20% off sale, as you may know - we brought you the awesome Switch bundle deal yesterday - but now we've gone and pulled out even more good deals. The real bargains here are the consoles, which don't usually see marked discounts, whereas games are less exciting. Also, take note - you will need to pay a small shipping fee of around $5, too.

To grab the deals make sure you put the code PLAYER1 in at checkout. Ready?

Here's what to look at:


Playstation 4

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

I strongly recommend checking out Amazon's video game deals if you're looking to compare prices on games to go with your shiny, new console. There are definitely some games with slightly better value over there.


    Skyrim on PS4 JUST went up to $57. I was considering pulling the trigger at $45 but not for almost $60.

      $57 is the pre-discount price. The 20% discount brings it down to $45.

        Thanks dude! I was sure when i first clicked the link it came up with the discounted price, but i could be wrong

        Cheers. You're a good person!

    I just picked up Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 for $20 + postage ($8). Awesome deal I think.

    Kotaku AU seems to perpetually alternate between "EB Games is vile" & "hey here's some great deals at EB Games! Go give them your money!."

    The company hasn't changed a damn thing since the big expose Serrels wrote up 3 or so years back. It's really tiresome & pretty hurtful seeing them continue to be recommended as a place people should take their business when they're so well known as a horrific, callous & utterly uncaring company.


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