The Cheapest Copies Of God Of War In Australia

The Cheapest Copies Of God Of War In Australia
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Everyone loves knocking some enemies around a bit, but do you really want to do that at full price? Course you don’t. So to help out with God of War‘s release tomorrow, here’s where you can get the game for cheap.

First off, if you’re wondering whether Dad Kratos is worth your time: yes. Anyone who had gripes with the QTE events of the original games will find the combat much more satisfying, and while a lot of the new elements to the series have been borrowed from elsewhere – Dark Souls and The Witcher come to mind – it does work very, very well.

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So, how much can you get the game for? Here’s the list:

Amazon Australia: $69.95

Par for the course, really. You’re getting a physical copy, not a code, so worth considering if you’re doing a larger order or you’re in a remote location with little access to the main retailers.

JB Hi-Fi: $69

Same deal here.

Big W: $69

As announced in their latest catalogue, Big W are holding steady on $69 as well. The price only lasts for three days, however.

The Gamesmen: $78

Bit higher than the rest of the mob, but if JB and co. up their prices by $10 after the first week then Gamesmen will be on par.

OzGameShop: $76.99

Not worth it for the increased shipping time.

Mighty Ape: $75

Don’t forget to add several bucks for shipping.

Harvey Norman: $79

EB Games: $99.95 (Day One Edition)

Few extra in-game shields with this one, but ultimately you’ll ditch those for better armour as you level up.

DVD Land: $89.95

Target: $75

There’s no catalogue available online, but Press Start are reporting that Target will be charging $75 on launch day.

Have you seen God of War for cheap anywhere? Let us know below!


        • Support the stores that offer low prices, I worry that there won’t be anything left to price match with before long. K-Mart got out the game, and Target and Big W seem to have less stock every time I go in.

          • This. EB works by suckering in those happy to pay the higher price, not knowing they price match, or that a cheaper option is mere meters away. And every time they do, its a small loss to those other competitors. Most of them have other profit options, but once there’s no competition, there’s nothing left to price match against, and we’re stuck paying their price.

            Like you, I’ve noticed Target hardly bothers these days, and rarely look in there as a result, even though its only about 30 meters from EB. That just leads to less sales, and less reason to take up the shelf space it does now. So even if its just another big chain, support them where you can. They’re the ones willing to directly give you the discount, and not just after you haggle.

          • These days? I worked at EB 10+ years ago, and back then Target / K-Mart stocked almost nothing.

            They were cheap, but they also knew jack-nothing about the actual games. You were served by someone who also sold iPods and DVD’s.

            I get what you guys are saying, but there will always be alternatives. (JB, Harvey Norman etc). And more and more people are buying online with next day delivery.

      • It’s almost as you’re playing ‘complete the sentence’ with EB staff haha. Maybe I’ll do that when I pick it up. “Can I help you sir?” “Let’s play a game.”

      • And give photographic evidence that JB or whoever is charging less and they currently have it in stock. The amount of hoops I had to jump through and shopping centres I visited to get a cheap, physical copy of Monster Hunter World was nuts. I think we ended up spending the difference in savings on fuel to get said savings.

    • Except it’s a very short, linear experience. Not really on the same page at all. Dark Souls and The Witcher are massive, lengthy open world non-linear games, especially The Witcher 3.

  • The “Day One Edition” from EB.. Is this how they get away with not Price matching? Do they only have that version in stock on Friday I wonder?

    • Usually that’s all they have on release day so they don’t care about giving you that version for $69 or whatever. Just say the magic words “Target”, “Big W” or “JB”.

    • Heh, sounds like it. Hopefully you get a nice clerk.

      I’ve had a few dicks lately. Got a duplicate amiibo for a birthday. Would not swap it out without a receipt. They lose nothing.

      • Wow really? That sucks. I don’t think I’ve ever had a negative experience with EB games in Adelaide. They don’t even check the price when I tell them somewhere else has it cheaper.

    • Nah it’s so that it looks more attractive to people who like to shop at EB. Even if they pricematch they are still making the money. They will pricematch this game with any other store.

        • I’ve found a bit of a groove with digital games. Anything with a heavy multiplayer focus, or with significant grinding, I prefer digital so I can easily flip between them.

          But in single player epics which I play in a sitting, like God of War, Uncharted, TTOU etc.. I’m happy with discs.

          • I felt strongly that way as well, until I got locked out of my account temporarily. I learnt to never put time and money invested into another company’s hands.

          • Getting locked out of my account as a once off doesn’t bother me. My PS4 failed and it took me two weeks to ship a new one. I didn’t die. I just don’t want to store any more physical media in my house because it eventually hogs space and my furniture isn’t designed to conceal and store stuff.

          • That’s a good point. But I still prefer the convenience of instant swapping between COD / Fortnite etc

          • Me too. If it’s multiplayer I want to be able to jump in at a moments notice whereas Single Player I will play for a week or so at a time so keep the disc in

    • I’m the same. $99 on PSN is a bit much. It seems only a few years back when the Sony first party releases would be $79 on the store. They all seem to be $99 now (like Detroit). I’ll only get multiplayer focused games on PSN now for full price as they benefit from playing for the first few months when the user base is big and the hype is strong. Also I can then share the game with my son as we both have PS4’s in the house. GOW I’ll wait for a price discount on the store. Should only be a month or so.

  • JB site says their preorder version includes a Luck of Ages talisman for:

    Increased XP and Hacksilver gain.
    Improved ability to trigger perks.

    But I’m not sure how strict they are about the pre-order thing. When I bought a copy of Assassin’s Creed: Origins in-store on release day I got a voucher with the code for some extra armour and stuff.

  • Have played the series since inception, and have (gradually) purchased the various remasters over the years. I’m still not sold on the game despite the reviews, it’ll make a good “budget” title if/when it gets reduced around the Christmas/New Year sale period!

    • The first three in the series are unparalleled in my opinion for a fantasy hack and slash. And I love them for it.

      For a guy who has always been day one with god of war. I’ve not yet made plans to buy this.

      I definitely will play it….it’s not going anywhere.

  • JB have a great deal. God of War + 1TB PS4 Pro for $529. I think it ends 30th April. Amazing price actually and well worth thinking about if you’re looking to buy a PS4.

  • If buying through Amazon use code: AMAZON20 for $20 dolars off.

    Minimum spend is $79. Pick a $10 dollar item and get God of War for $60

      • Nope, I was checking before drop and it was $79 weeks out.

        Pretty hacked at this error as I was at JB today asking for my $69 copy and got told Kotaku got it wrong.

        Where did you get $69 from?

        • That’s weird. When I clicked the link on the day the article was published, it definitely said $69, but then when I went in to JB today it was $79 and the price on the website had been amended as well.

    • I’m looking at my receipt now from Melbourne Central JB Hi-Fi purchased 10.30 am on Friday morning. I paid $69.00.

      However, it does say “Promotion” under the price. Maybe it was a release day special, but I never saw it advertised as such.

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