The Internet Reacts To Hogwarts Mystery’s Microtransactions

The Internet Reacts To Hogwarts Mystery’s Microtransactions
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Hogwarts Mystery, a new mobile game based on the popular fantasy books, can be fun, but a lot of its content is gated behind some gnarly microtransactions. Harry Potter fans are not pleased.

Mobile Game Hogwarts Mystery Is Like A Harry Potter Book That Keeps Asking For Money

The new Harry Potter mobile game is fun, but you're gonna be shelling out your Galleons if you want to make the most of it. By Galleons I mean dollars.

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When I checked out Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery yesterday, I was having a blast living out my dreams of being a wizard… until I ran out of energy while being strangled by a Devil’s Snare plant. You need energy to do the bulk of the game’s actions, and I had to wait for it to fill up to free before I could continue playing.

That’s been the case for almost every player who’s talked about this game online. Hogwarts Mystery lets you know you can refill your energy by using some gems, the game’s premium currency, but it costs real money.

What should be some wish fulfilment fluff feels more like a cash grab. Harry Potter fans such as myself aren’t too pleased. The fandom has been making some good jokes about it though:

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a frustrating game. It’s fun when it actually lets me play it. There’s still fun to be had, though:

I hope you and Rowan enjoy that Good Charlotte concert in Hogsmeade, Enoby.


  • When one of the richest authors in the world, who praised people for working to challenge child poverty and has strong opinions on political and media ethics… sells her rights to the worst money grubbing mobile phone business model shows her true colours is not a house colour, but Goblin.

    • She got lucky. The books themselves are nothing special. Paper thin plot and could have been written by anyone with two neurons and a basic grasp of English.

  • Ah the wonderful world of insidious mobile micro transactions.. completely “optional”” of course

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