The Reason Why Detective Pikachu Loves Coffee

While Ash's Pikachu adores ketchup, Detective Pikachu loves coffee. In a recent interview, the game's creators explained why.

GIF: Nintendo

Famitsu asked why Detective Pikachu has an old man voice, and producer Hiroyuki Jinnai explained that Ikue Otani's cute Pikachu voice work is exceedingly well-known.

"That's why, as this is an adventure game, we wanted to bring out the type of mood in a hard-boiled detective story."

That, however, doesn't explain the coffee.

Following up on what Jinnai said, director Naoki Miyashita added, "If you're talking about a sleuth, then typically you imagine there is a pipe as part of the standard character toolkit, but as one would expect, in its place we dialled that down to coffee. However, it [coffee] is slightly grown-up and brings out a certain coolness."

So while classic detectives might smoke a pipe, that is probably a bit much for Detective Pikachu, hence the coffee.


    The casual coffee being available in Animal Crossing and the more recent Pokemon games makes me wonder if there's some kind of child coffee culture in Japan.

      Not so much a child culture as a well established part of the food and drink culture in general.
      It's sorta seen as one of the things you will inevitably start drinking when you become an adult (or a teen these days)
      He sorta covers that in saying that coffee is seen as grown up and cool.

      It's similar to how almost every anime character bio contains the characters favourite food and/or drink, it's insanely important to a lot of people as a defining feature of personality.
      (You'll notice "cute" and child like characters tend to favour sweets and serious older characters like curries and traditional dishes in some examples)

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