The Set Shots From The Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie Are Really Something

All images: Front Row

Shots have started to hit the internet from the set of the Detective Pikachu live-action movie. And my, are they something.

The pictures were posted online by Japanese site Front Row. I could describe them, but words just really don't do them justice.

All images: Front Row

Part of me still doesn't believe that this movie is even a thing. And yet next year, a live-action Detective Pikachu will hit US theatres on May 10 (although no Australian release date has been announced). With Bill Nighy. And Ken Watanabe as a detective. And Ryan Reynolds. Voicing Pikachu.

Good Lord.


    Man, this just makes me wish the movie was actually about people dressed in Pokemon costumes. That could be the whole movie, a guy who thinks he's Pikachu trying to solve the mystery of why townsfolk are slowly starting to act like Pokemon themselves.

      Yeah a parody comedy, I'd definitely watch that! However THIS?!, no thanks!

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