The Trailer For The Third Season Of Attack On Titan Makes Me Wish I’d Kept Up With The Series

The Trailer For The Third Season Of Attack On Titan Makes Me Wish I’d Kept Up With The Series

I have no idea who Kenny is, honestly. Image: Screenshot via YouTube

When Attack on Titan premiered, it was a riveting, revolutionary dark fantasy series full of giant monsters and the pressure of seemingly inevitable Armageddon. Everyone loved it, myself included, until the show’s pace started to slow down, some odd plot twists were introduced, and the darkness became a little overbearing for me.

I’m currently regretting this choice, because the trailer for the third season of the ongoing anime looks incredible — and I have no idea what’s going on. How are things going in the city? Not great, it seems – the scouts who lead the charge to fight the Titans now seem to be outlaws, humans are fighting each other, and everyone seems very stressed. And the animation is incredible – fluid, lively, and atmospheric.

So even if you, like me, don’t understand a lick of what’s happening in this trailer, you might still feel a bit hype. We all still have time to catch up, though; this premieres via Funimation in July 2018.


  • I assume if you know about the weird twists and everything becoming even darker you finished season 1?
    If so there was only 13 episodes in season 2, so barely over 4 hours. Not exactly much to catch up on and worth it anyway

    • I thought season 2 was on hiatus or something because it just seemed to abruptly end.

      • They decided to go with 13 episode seasons so there wouldn’t be 3-ish years between seasons like there was between 1 and 2.
        So you could consider season 3 to really be the second half of season 2.

        I think they said it will continue like this. They let the manga get far enough ahead and combined with doing 13 episodes per year they should be able to have a season each year for the next while. Instead of “do massive block of episodes catching right up to the manga, then wait 2-3 years and repeat”

        • Also the series is so far ahead they could probably pump out 50 episodes now.

  • Considering how much drastically changes from the start of this series to where it’s at now in the manga, it’s a shame how slow the studio that does the anime is with pumping these out. From what I understand this next release won’t even go up to the the logical point in the manga (which is before a 5 year jump to the future) which is so so very disappointing to hear after that half assed release for season 2.

    Spoiler on who kenny is :

    Oh and Kenny is his uncle who raised him. Pretty much anyone with Ackerman blood in them is a bad ass (Levi, Mikasa)

    • >which is before a 5 year jump to the future

      Ughhhhhh. Can’t say i have ever thought a time jump improved any show or movie in any way, i hate them so much.

      The half assed release for season 2 was so they dont have to wait 2-3 years between seasons. They are releasing shorter seasons more often.

      • Worked okay in Naruto. Also, the 100 just had a time jump, seems okay so far.

      • Really? I heard it was because they let the popularity of AoT get to their head, so they shelved it and worked on their own independent story which flopped hard core. Both between season 1 and with the half assed version of season 2.

        And don’t worry… The time warp works for this series. Although it does it with no warning so while reading I was very confused with the direction the story takes. But I can assure you it’s (so far) a very satisfying pay off.

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