This Week In Games: BattleTech, Roll Out

Image: BATTLETECH Kickstarter

MechWarrior fans, roll out. This week is your time to shine, because BattleTech has arrived. Or will arrive. It's the latest mecha game from Jordan Weisman, who created the MechWarrior franchise.

But there's plenty to enjoy elsewhere: Fractured But Whole drops a brown note on the Switch; Death Road to Canada drops on all major platforms, and the adorable Swords of Ditto hits this week as well.

Here's the heavy hitters from this week:

  • Death Road to Canada (PC, PS4, XBO, Switch)
  • Swords of Ditto (PC, PS4)
  • South Park: Fractured But Whole (Switch)
  • Devious Dungeon (PS4, Vita)
  • BattleTech (PC)
  • Frostpunk (PC)
  • 39 Days To Mars (PC)
  • Exoder (PC)
  • Sky Rogue (Switch)
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy (Switch)
  • A Robot Named Fight! (Switch)
  • Saturday Morning RPG (Switch)
  • The Invisible Hours (XBO)
  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (PS4)
  • Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition (Switch retail)
  • The Sparkle: Zero (Switch)
  • Where Are My Friends (Switch)

Today's pretty nightmarish on my end, so I'll keep this bit short. I didn't mention it before the jump, but Frostpunk is the latest game from the This War of Mine makers. It's about keeping a society together, and forces you into the kinds of brutal situations that you would expect from trying to live in a frozen wasteland.

39 Days to Mars, meanwhile, is a couch co-op game about surviving the "19th century's most unreliable spaceship". There's also a computer-controlled cat, which I'm presuming doesn't help at all.

I'll have more to say about Swords of Ditto later this week. Until then, enjoy an extended gameplay trailer:

And if you're after trippy platformers, there's Exoder. Don't ask me what's going on in this one.

As a small aside, those getting the Naruto Shippuden game will get the first three games (but not the fourth that dropped a couple of years ago). I'd be interested to see how that holds up on the Switch - be surprised if the performance was flawless, honestly.

So that's what's going on this week. Anything take your fancy?

Update: Adventure Time has been delayed later this year, as damian noted in the comments. Updated, and apologies.


    Battletech it is.

    Very excited about it.
    Backed it on the Kickstarter.
    Bought a new laptop for it.
    Got it sitting in the Steam queue awaiting preload.

    Dawn service and parade on ANZAC day... then home to miss some '95% chance to hit' shots.

      Also a Kickstarter backer. Been waiting 2 years for this. This is a good week!

      Also a backer. Your first cockpit stomp will be magical.

      I'm a GOG backer, so alas, I need to wait until the 24th to use my key. Other than that, really looking forward to it!

      Been a BattleTech fan since Crescent Hawks' Inception / Revenge (predating Mechwarrior) so looking forward to getting the Revenge itch scratched. (Since Inception was an actual RPG)

        I started with Crescent Hawks' Revenge! It was one of my first games ever!

        You can "use" the key whenever you want. It will still add the game to your list, you just won't be able to download the game until it goes live.

        Proof: from my own gog.

        (Unless this is what you meant. Either way, carry on.)

    Battletech looks pretty damn awesome. Hadn't heard it even existed until a vid popped up on YouTube yesterday. Now I can't get enough.

    I'll be getting Frostpunk and Battletech

    Also you forgot to mention that Shoppe Keep 2 comes out this week.

    Getting that Atlas action, but I just wish Jordan would stop dodging the clan invasion in his games.

      100% I'm all for the Clans in everything. Maybe we'll get to see the Wolf's Dragoons in the campaign somewhere ;)

      Timber Wolf <3

        I am sceptical, the only way it could happen would be if you somehow found an ancient Star League lost tech vault. The Dragoons hid all their clan tech in small caches at the edge of the periphery, they wanted to protect the Inner Sphere, not put even more deadly technology in everyone's hands.

          So, special appearances by well known personalities (including Nat Karensky, Jamie Wolf, & Kell) was a stretch goal.
          They've already said they're adding them post launch... both in campaign and skirmish mode.

            Wolf and Kell make sense, they are still in the sphere and deploy; but they don't take the shiny toys with them.

              Kell was fully Inner Sphere.

              Wolf's Dragoons wouldn't have Clan tech for a few more years since it took them years to restore and retrofit the Star League manufacturing facilities on Outreach.

                They had some, but most was placed in caches.

      Started playing tabletop well before the Clans returned, and I hated them when they did. Omnitech just so so tweaky.

      Love the fact that this starts pre-3050. We'll inevitably get clan tech showing up in an expansion or a sequel, but for the moment I'll happily playing with my Atlases, Catapults and Locusts and your Dire Wolves, Hellbringers and Novas can stay in the Outer Sphere where they belong.

      (Which isn't to say I won't giggle like a toddler when that inevitable expansion does come along.)

        The problem is that the successsion wars are a snore. I Love how much shit hits the fan during the first invasion as all the great house start to panic.

        There are a lot of old bt players that hate the invasion, but it did wanders for making the lore more interesting.

        Personally I'm relieved they are starting before the invasion. It completely changes the feel of the game when the Clans arrive. Hopefully they will be able to get the unseen mechs on the game eventually.

        Mama wants a Warhammer!

          Playing as an innersphere mer during the invasion in a game with real consequences in combat would be horrifying.

          "Wooh, I just finished smashing some major houses for Steiner, who are these new people in shiny ships?"

          "So there are these long forgotten space police who also happen to now be genetically engineered super soldiers with advanced technology and Rasalhague is pretty much completely destroyed."

          "Wait, wtf?"

            They covered the pre-Invasion era and the Invasion itself rather nicely in Crescent Hawks' Revenge, complete with building your own squad. I'm hoping this'll be as fun!

            "Unidentified mechs on the long range scanners Sir!"
            "Unidentified? What does that mean?"
            "It means we can't identify them Sir!"
            "Don't be ridiculous soldier. You on a charge!"
            "Yes Sir... they're firing Sir!"
            "Don't be ridiculous. They're well out of range...BLERK!!"

            Also suddenly squads of power armoured infantry that could literally tear apart mechs. Like infantry can still be a threat, but only if the conditions almost fully tilt towards the infantry. But those elemental can take mechs head on and shrug off mech weapons. That was terrifying for IS mechwarriors and field commands.

              Being an assault in the Ghost Bear line would be the worst, you would literally just see a swarm of elementals just cascading towards you like a sea of death.

              We used to use infantry rules and squads from a magazine. They made them a real threat with urban "Rubble shooters" wearing camo to blend them into the ruins, jump packs and limpet mines not to mention the snipers with heavy rifles.. sure they only did 1 point of damage but were practically invisible and were able to call shots on mechs.

              That said it didn't stop mechs from leveling suspected locations haha

          It looks like it'll be fairly easy to mod the game... the values are written in text, and someone modded in a MWO Warhammer during the beta.
          I'm not a modder and can't give an informed opinion on the ease from my own experience; but I'm pretty sure the unseen will be added by the community pretty quickly.

          Hell, I'll bet even the clan and later era mechs will get added in by the community.

          Mechwarrior Online has unseen mechs, so I can't see why Battletech won't get them too seeing as they're sharing models

            That depends on a judge telling Harmony Gold to fuck off.

              From what I understand the Shadowhawk is one of the Unseen and that's in the game already.


    ALL OF THE STEAM PRE-LOADING. I am playing the shit out of this thing the second it unlocks.

      Who needs sleep when there's mechs to blow up? It'll be especially cathartic since there's cicadas and spiders, both of which I can crush mercilessly!!

        And don't forget Urbinmechs! Slow, lightly armed and armoured walking bins.

    Wait - I haven't seen a review, announced release date or... anything really, of Pirates of the Enchiridion - but it's releasing tomorrow?

    Edit: EB Games said there's no release date for it. Appears it has been delayed to "later this year".

    Last edited 23/04/18 3:53 pm

      It's not listed anywhere with a firm release date, wouldnt hold your breath

    I can't wait to jump into the cockpit of my Grasshopper and start unleashing some medium laser mayhem.

    And I'm sure there will be a Clan Invasion sequel/DLC where I can smoke some filthy, filthy trashborn scum.

      Oh... that's a thing people wanted to do? I thought we'd be re-visiting the repulsion of the incompetent elitists again, who can't seem to win by their own rules. ;)

    Backed battletech, too.

    Preloading as soon as I get home!

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