To Truly Understand Super Mario Bros., You Need The Box And Manual

In this first episode of a new Kotaku video series called Complete In Box, I take a look at a complete copy of one of the most iconic and influential games of all time: Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

When we play it, we don't have that original experience of taking home a cardboard-boxed copy of it from Toys 'R' Us, and going through the manual on the car ride home. By looking at what Nintendo said - and pointedly did not say - about the game you were about to play, we can get a much closer sense of what it was like to experience Super Mario for the first time in 1985.

Every two weeks on Complete In Box, we'll take a close look at another game - from many different platforms from around the world - and discover all the ways that a video game was more than just computer code.


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