Todd Howard's Wikipedia Page Unlocks, Gets Trolled Immediately

Fallout and Skyrim director Todd Howard has had a Wikipedia page on lockdown for a quite a while. Over the last 24 hours, that lock temporarily lifted - and gamers made sure to take advantage.

After being raided in the past, Todd Howard's Wiki page was "semi-protected". It's a status that basically locks out certain accounts from making edits, particularly anonymous ones.

But overnight, that semi-protected status ended. And as you'd expect, the internet waited patiently to unleash a reign of terror upon his Wikipedia mentions.

Image: weirdmageddon (Tumblr)

One user tried appealing to the Wiki mods to let the fun continue, but to no avail:

Even someone from the US House of Representatives joined in on the fun:

And once Howard's own page, Bethesda's and the Elder Scrolls wikis were placed on lockdown, people began looking elsewhere:

A lot of the trolling referenced "Todd Coward", although much of it isn't intended to be derogatory or harmful. Iconic designers often become the targets of fun for the communities they serve: Dustin Browder served a similar role in the early days of the StarCraft community, and Jeff Kaplan has a legion of his own Overwatch fans.

Howard's page has since been placed on "extended confirmed protection", which only allows edits from registered Wiki editors with at least 500 edits and 30 days tenure (as opposed to edits from anonymous accounts).


    Some of it is a bit harsh, being publicly bullied and defamed, I'm guessing wouldn't be fun.

      I don't know, I'm guessing those bullies probably paid a bucketload of money for games so full of glitches that it left a serious dose of 'gotta get my own back on this ***hole'.

      Besides, they aren't sledges, they are constructive criticism...just like mods aren't mods but mini-DLC.

    I used to have a wiki page like you, but then I took an edit to the knee.

    Can you blame the trolls really? It was bound to happen :D

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