Unity's Amazing 'Adam' Demo Has New Episodes, Directed By District 9's Neill Blomkamp

Image: Oat Studios / YouTube

Remember "Adam"? The demo Unity used to show off the visual and cinematic improvements to the company's game engine? Like all such demos, we were left wanting more, though we knew it was unlikely anything else would come of it. Not so in Adam's case: turns out Neill Blomkamp's Oat Studios picked it up and now there's not one, but two additional episodes.

While the first instalment was written and directed by Veselin Efremov, it looks like Blomkamp took the reins on two and three, though IMDB does list Efremov as a writer for the second episode. As with the original, the new additions were rendered in Unity.

According to Unity's page on the demo, Blomkamp was intrigued by Adam's "thematic backbone", which he sees as "a discussion of where your soul is".

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The minds of criminals, encased in fragile robots and sent to live on a desolate prison planet? Yep, I can see a few existential conversations bubbling from that.

But enough chatter. Here are all three episodes in order:

Oat Studios [YouTube]


    Not exactly new. Episode 2 came out on Oct 3, 2017 & Episode 3 on Nov 30, 2017.

      While you're not wrong, I hadn't seen these, so I appreciate the post.

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