What Are You Most Looking Forward To From E3 2018?

What Are You Most Looking Forward To From E3 2018?

We’re not too far away from the annual onslaught of conferences, releases, interviews and preview footage that is E3. But before everyone builds their bingo cards and plans a truncated sleeping schedule, let’s talk about what’s going to be there.

Part of the fun of E3 is the games that people don’t expect to be announced. It’ll be interesting, for instance, to see what Bethesda comes out with. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a new Wolfenstein released this year, although some DLC wouldn’t be out of order. Could we see a new Elder Scrolls, finally?

Microsoft always throws up a ton of stuff, but what I always enjoy seeing are the features that make their console better. We haven’t heard a lot about the inbuilt Xbox One tournaments that Microsoft announced a couple of years ago, and with the growth of esports I’d expect a bit more news on that front.

Obviously – and it’ll be key to see which major publisher gets the best footage – Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the biggest drawcard. Spider-Man on the PS4 is continuing to look real good though.

But as for an entire conference, I’m keen for the Nintendo Direct. There’ll be more Mario Tennis Aces. Probably gameplay of Smash Bros on the Switch. Maybe some formal announcement regarding Pokemon on the Switch. Third-party developer support for the Switch continues to grow too.

What games are you most looking forward to from E3 this year?


  • Nintendo are holding a Smash Bros. invitational tournament so yes, there will *definitely* be gameplay of Smash at E3, although whether they show any at the press conference is another matter. They might save it for the actual tournament.

  • Whatever Nintendo decides to serve up. They already dropped the Smash Bros bomb, I’m wondering what else they have to share.

  • Maybe a date for The Last Of Us 2?

    Wondering if we’re due for a Just Cause 4 announcement, too, assuming they’re making one.

    Probably too soon for a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel announcement? I’m wondering if they’ll save that for PS5?

  • I want cringe as nerds dramatically oversell products to overexcited, unprofessional fanboys masquerading a “journalists”.

    • Expecting to see good stuff from RDR2
    • Hoping for something big on the Elder Scrolls front.
    • Dreaming that Nintendo will show a BC program for the Switch that’s good value and actually functional (isn’t hampered by Nintendo level “I don’t know what the internet is” stupidity).
    • Also Half-Life 3

  • New Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls 6, Anthem, Fallout 5, Final Fantasy 16. And out of all of those I am actually only expecting there to be some Anthem news..

    • I doubt we’ll be seeing an FF16 for a while. Squeenix is still milking FF15 and the “Games as a service” concept. Besides, I don’t think they have any team left between the FFVII reboot, KHIII and the next lot of DLC they’re planning for FF15.

  • I wont happen but id love to see Nintendo do another zelda in the same design and engine as BOTW. Just like majors mask came out about 2 years after Ott. Both amazing games so it can work.

  • I’m hoping From Software announce that the teaser they showed was for a Tenchu reboot. I’d also like to hear more about SMT 5 and hopefully maybe some other games on Switch that interest me that aren’t ports or multi-platform games I’ll be buying on PS4. Some Borderlands 3 news would be great too as my friends and I love playing through the games in co-op.

  • CD Projekt Red will be there this year, so I’m hoping for some updates on Cyberpunk 2077.

    And something new from Bethesda that isn’t to do with bloody ESO. Anything! Fallout Europe, Skyrim 2, anything.

  • I’d be keen to see something about Darksiders 3. Nintendo stuff is always fun, so hoping for some mix of Pokemon or Metroid Prime for the switch.

  • any details on whatever Bioware is cooking up aside from Anthem and Tomb Raider mostly

    I normally check out everything just in case some unknown / not well known developer shows something interesting (although most of the times they are console exclusive)

      • you can prob argue Bioware died with DA:I, although don’t get me wrong I love the game (and I still play ME:A tbh ) but it doesn’t have the same feel as ME1 / ME2 or KOTOR1

        Bioware as a studio won’t die, they got to keep churning out mounts, pet and whatever the heck counts as content for their MMO

  • Given that Nintendo had a pretty decent Direct not long ago, I’m thinking they’re going to be at either end of the spectrum. Either it’ll be fairly pedestrian or they’ve got a bunch of stuff to blow people away with.

  • I read a lot of people found it “cringe-y”, but I really liked Devolver Digital’s press conference last year, it felt like an Adult Swim infomercial. I hope to see something like that again.

    In terms of games, I feel like we’re due for the Resident Evil 2 remake to be shown off again. As for something completely out of the blue, if Nintendo could announce that Shin’en Multimedia is developing a new F-Zero game, that’d be tops.

  • Borderlands 3 now with a battle royale mode (can you imagine a battle royale with the crazy weapons in borderlands!)

    Also I really, really want a new Splinter Cell

    • How is it that we do not have a splinter cell reboot? Shameful!! The first couple were amazing, before the shift to action/broad daylight stealth shenanigans.

      • We don’t need a ‘reboot’, can we do away with those? We just need another Splinter Cell that ditches the convoluted plot and gets Fisher back into the field.

        • Well, things that go on for too long tend to get bloated with previous narratives. Rebooting wipes the slate clean and frees the writers from the previous “cannon”.

          • Hell, I’d even be ok with… wait for it… ditching Sam Fisher, keeping the gameplay and taking up with a brand new character. We no longer have Ironside voicing him and the new guy was all kinds of bland. Ironside was most of Fishers personality after all. Create a new character, convince Ironside to come in as Fisher in a mentor capacity heading up the Agency now and you’re ‘the new guy’ in some way?

          • Yup, perfecto. Keep the gameplay and tone of the originals, with a new character and plot. Modern day Russia is providing plenty of source material!

          • Oh yes indeedy. Cold War 2 has arisen, Fishers new agency has to try to stop that from occurring, missions range between Russia, North Korea and good old American soil, with one or two other locales. A giant conspiracy gets revealed tracing the collusion back to the leaders of all three countries *cue ominous music* setting up the sequel…

  • I would absolutely love an announcement for bloodborne 2! besides that I’m pumped for Red dead redemption 2, and actual game footage of death stranding and last of us 2! even though it’s got an announcement in May I’m looking forward to black ops 4. I’ve always enjoy it’s campaign, particularly blops2 campaign.

  • I’m waiting to see if Sony announce the PS5 (doubtful) or a PSVR update. I’m hanging to buy a VR now the price has dropped, but I’d be kicking myself if they released some kind of update in the next few months.

  • I was really looking forward to Biowares Anthem but the fact they moved away from (and pretty much killed) the Mass Effect franchise; they can eat me. So I’ll settle for some Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay, Borderlands 3 news and Metroid Prime 4 anything!!!

  • There are plenty of games to keep me going. I won’t have to buy any for a while as I already have Wipeout, GT Sport and 3 or so games from PS+. I don’t play a lot, usually an hour or so at night if we’re not watching anything, so games last me forever.

    If the PSVR was a separate console, then maybe I could understand the lack of games issue, but given the line up of games on PS4, as an add-on component, I think it’s pretty amazing and given VR’s infancy, it’ll only get better as long as the tech progresses. Going by the latest offerings on PC, I can’t see VR going anywhere for a while, unless of course they don’t start easing up on the price.

  • Fromsoft hopefully with some shadows die twice, red dead, hopefully something good from bethesda (no dlc) and last but not least the last of us 2

  • – Some significant gameplay/update on Fire Emblem for Switch
    – Super Smash gameplay
    – Maybe Elder Scrolls 6? But I am just at the point of expecting them to continue to ignore it
    – I’m still interested to see a little bit more about Anthem, however the amount of devs leaving doesn’t fill me with much confidence

    And finally, I recently finished AC: Origins and was very please with the overhaul the series has gotten, still room to improve but looking forward to the future and I wouldn’t be mad if they still didn’t release the next title until 2019, more dev time is always great it goes to show. Still holding out for an AC III re-release on PS4 though.

  • Metro 3, Monster Hunter PC, Cyberpunk2077 and really really really really hoping for Dragons Dogma 2 and Dragons Dogma: Online comming to the west

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