What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’ve got a friend staying over this weekend, so entertaining will be on the cards as is appropriate for the weekend. But another weekend appropriate activity: slashing the snot out of trolls.

There’s more quests to finish and runes to discover in God of War, so cleaning that up will be chief on my to-do list. I’d also like to play a board game or two if possible: I’ve been itching to do another round of Harry Potter or Fallout: The Board Game, but we’ll see how the weekend pans out.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions! As a HUGE Spidey fan I have NO idea how I originally missed this.. Its got so much fan service I’m having a blast. Bring on Insomniacs Spider-man

  • After 176 hours, I finally finished The Witcher 3 last night.

    I still have Fallout 4 & Just Cause 3 both half finished and I’m determined to finish them both before I start something new, so it’ll be one of them over the weekend.

        • I did but mainly did the main campaign and some side quests. Wondering whether I’m missing out and should go back and do some more…

          • This^

            Absolutely this.

            Even the ‘average’ sidequests were/are a step above a lot of other games main/side quests…

            I much preferred Dragon Age to the Witcher series – until 3/Inquisition released and knights of columbus did that ever change for precisely this reason. CDPR could release another expansion and I’d lap it up!

  • I got my Switch yesterday so I’ll be playing Super Mario Odyssey and I’ll also be playing Overwatch for that multiplayer event with friends. Also have my nephews 3rd birthday, so Hearthstone Witchwood expansion will keep me busy while trying to avoid smalltalk with random parents

  • I thought Yakuza 6 came out this week and was dissapointed when i found out i was wrong…

    So currently i’m trying to Platinum Kingdom Hearts 2, i am stuck on the Lingering Will, that boss gives any Dark Souls boss a run for its money, especially on Proud mode.

  • More Bloodborne, more Far Cry 5. Defiled Chalice is rough, so decided to take a break and start a new character for the other endings – trying out a pure arcane build, which, while extremely squishy and not particularly hard-hitting for the first few areas, is starting to come together.

  • Assassins Creed Origins. Went off it for a couple months but back and determined to at least finish the storyline.
    Might try out something from my list ps plus subscription which i never use like Mad Max, Until Dawn or Just Cause 3. Not sure i have the time or patience for Bloodborne.
    Anybody have preferences from these 3?

    • I enjoyed Mad Max. It’s not as polished as some of the other semi-open world games but the car and hand-to-hand combat are satisfyingly meaty.

    • Until Dawn is fantastic if you like some of those slasher flicks (I know what you did last summer, Scream etc.). Great fan service, I loved it.

  • May as well repost what I put in the “tay”, I am done with most of my games and the steam group looks a little boring, so will be looking to play some cheap games (depth, what the box, etc) if people are interested.

  • About to fire up Ghost of Sparta then move on to Ascension, I didn’t think I’d get all six GoW games done before launch but the fact thier so short helps.

  • Bastard Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Battle game! Spent almost 5 hours on Game 7 last weekend with the kids. Defeated all villains except you-know-who while only on the second location. We were doing quite well but for some reason we just could not seem to destroy the Horcruces. Add in some bad luck with Dark Arts events and we ended up losing the game.

    I’ll be playing Dragon Age Origins on PS3 and maybe introducing my daughters to Pathfinder 🙂

  • Still playing and enjoying Ni No Kuni 2. I’m trying to stretch it out because it’s not as big as the first game.

    Also, last bits of Far Cry 5.

  • Warframe’s Operation Plague Star event is back until April 17th – after that ends then I can calmly go fishing again without fear of getting jumped by the Infested…

  • I will continue to spend hours upon hours (and then some more hours) with Divinity: OS2.

    I could be wrong and the novelty may wear off, but this is seriously up there with my very favourite RPG’s (if not games) I’ve ever played right now. Appreciate it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but anyone with a love of RPG’s or more importantly games that don’t restrict you then check this beast out; I’ve won battles from seemingly impossible situations, and likewise had my ass served back by the most unexpected and bizarre (but somehow satisfying?) turn of events. Quests are vague and demand exploration to understand and you actually have to dig to find things out – but not in an obnoxiously random way!

    Dialogue makes me chuckle in a similar vein to the inter-party banter in DA:Origins too (Morrigan bashing on Alistair anyone?)!

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