What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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There's always something to play, a new land to discover. And in my case, I'm going to spend a little bit of time in a very cute land.

That land is Swords of Ditto, a top-down co-op RPG that's launching on ANZAC Day. We saw a bit of it last year, courtesy of Devolver, and I've been sitting on a code for a little while (thanks to God of War and everything else getting in the way).

So I'm looking forward to a bit of relaxed RPG action. Beyond that, I'll be seeing some old friends and just relaxing for the most part.

What are you playing this weekend?


    About 2/3 of the way through Dragon Age Origins after some 90 hours. I've entered the Deep Roads!

    Still grinding away collecting weapons and spouses in Dynasty Warriors Next on Vita.

    Maybe some Axis & Allies (board game) if I'm lucky!

      The Deep Roads huh? Looks like you've got your weekend gaming sorted until Xmas!

    I've got Far Cry 5 to play through. Only just started.Also will give PUBG a look as it's free on xbox one this weekend.
    Golf Saturday as well. That's my weekend

    Saturday morning is set aside for Labo.
    I think I am going to make poached eggs and hollondaise first because we got a thermo and it's super easy for a monkey like me to make now.
    I might hit a day of Stardew Valley, I think I can unlock a new set of buildings.

      Ooo yes. I'm going to make some egg & bacon rolls with tomato and cheese on brioche buns with aioli and hickory smoked barbecue sauce. Highly recommended.

        We've been on cheese and bacon pastry things but adding tomato and egg is inspired.

        We are also big fans of the bourbon and brown sugar flavoured BBQ sauce. Or with real bourbon.

          Bourbon and brown sugar? I must look into that!

            Have a look in Woollies the same brand make about 3 different variations. If you like, you can make for real.

    Putting all other gaming endeavors on hold for God of War.

    It's Dominaria pre-release weekend. I'm still trying not to get back into Magic: the Gathering but it's practically impossible not to get hyped about a nostalgia set that looks super fun to play. My only regret is that pre-releases are sealed and not draft.

    Also God of War because I've been sucked into the hype train.

      I found a whole bunch of Revised and 4th Ed cards in my garage, along with a fair number of Ice Age / Fallen Empires expansion cards. Think I might sit down and do some deck building :-)

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    I will be alternating between wrapping my Switch in cardboard and playing The Witcher 3.

      How is said cardboard? It's not for me (probably) but I'm curious to know what the experience is like?

        I haven't unpacked the Labo kit yet, so I'm not sure. I'm sitting here at work pretending to be productive and waiting until it's time to go home so I can play with it.

        It all comes in a fairly big box, so it looks like there's plenty of cardboard to play with. Kotaku's video of Stephen and Gita making the house mentions that some of the projects have 8 sheets of cardboard to put together.

    If I can stop playing NBA, it's time to finish Fallout 4.

    Still trying to find time to finish my first play through of NieR:Automata, so hopefully I'll manage that.

    Bloodborne, MHW... might try God of War.

    Far Cry 5. First one since the tropical island one (2?).

      Have you just started it? It's a lot of fun. BTW, the topical island one was Far Cry 3. Enjoy!

        Oh yeah right! Didn't think 2 was right.

        I've almost liberated one region. Mostly i was just wandering around until there was something to shoot....

        damnit! Finally reached the first boss and a bear does all the work for me. I was no where near John seed!!

    Battletech drops on 25/04, can't wait for that.

    Mad daddy, space ninja puppets and angry net code russians.

    God of War & Nintendo Labo sets :)

    Going to finish up Ni No Kuni 2.

    I'm interested in Far Harbour - the Fallout 4 DLC with new world map. Anyone here played it?

      I thought it was a lot better than Nuka-world and gave you more choice in outcome of the main quest. The Island is a decent size with with 3 or 4 settlements sites you can develop if that's your thing. Lots of fog and swamp monsters.

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    IOM TT.

    Best motorcycle game in a long long ling time

    Hmm, Golf Story...?

    *feels left out of the GoW gaming*

    Recently jumped back into KOTOR 2. Planning on hitting afew coffees out of peoples hands during this playthrough.

    I'll be making myself a stack of pancakes and working my way through the end of Ni No Kuni. I'll also be desperately trying to keep my eyes off my boyfriends TV screen (which is next to mine) while he plays God of War. I REALLY want to start God of War ASAP, but I am genuinely loving Ni No Kuni so much and I want to finish it up completely before I start anything new.

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